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A life sized replica of Garp Lungi Khorlo stands in the Royal Museum in the capital city of Thimphu, Bhutan.
He was an exceptionally tall man of 6 feet 5 inches! That is tall for any Bhutanese I tell you! 

This is my writing on the story of the fastest messenger in all of Bhutan. Some say his story is simply a folk tale but I believe otherwise! His name was Garp Lungi khorlo, which when translated in English means "Wheel of the Wind". He was famous in all of Bhutan for his speed in delivering messages over many kilometers across the country. Back then, before cars were invented people travelled on foot. Strong and brave men were needed to carry messages from high ranking officials to their counterparts in other districts.  Garp Lungi Khorlo was among the few individuals who could travel over many distances in a short time. 

It happened that one day, he had to deliver a message to the leader of Wangdue District. However, before reaching Wangdue, he had to pass the dreaded forest of the Ngala Duem (Black Demoness).  The Black Demoness was feared for her powers of hypnotism. She would appear before men, as a beautiful woman and lure them deep into the forest, where she would devour their souls! Even the bravest of men were afraid of travelling through her forest, which spanned over 3 mountains! Till this day, the vegetation in that region is darker, and the weather is always wet and rainy. A few years ago I had taken a trip with my father through that area. I can't explain it but there was definitely a sinister aura surrounding the region. All travellers in Bhutan know that it not advisable to journey through the Ngala Duem region alone after dark. I for sure, would definitely not want to venture there by myself!

So anyway, back to the story. Garp Lungi Khorlo was a brave man. During his travels, he never looked at the forest, fearing that the Black Demoness might hypnotize him. On that day, however,  he felt an incredible urge to glance at the deep forest. As he did, he shouted into the vastness and his voice echoed. "This forest is believed to be the home of the dangerous Black Demoness. I have walked up and down this path many times. Do you even exist? If you do, for I am tired today, I make this vow that I will offer you my soul if you appear before me!"

with that he continued on his journey to Wangdue. 

Having delivered his message, he continued back on his way home. He stopped for a drink of water. Normally he never took breaks during his travels. He was not himself that day. As he approached the stream, he spotted a figure ahead in the distance. It was a woman. "What a beautiful girl!" he thought. "What would a beautiful woman be doing in a dreadful place like this? I must find out!" He called out to her. "Greetings! Hello! What is a beautiful woman such as yourself doing in a lonely place like this? The forest is dangerous, don't you know?"

"I have never heard of Garp Lungi Khorlo to be such a flirt!" She replied, turning to face him. She gave a coy smile.

"How do you know me?" Surprised, He asked. 

"Who does not know of the famous Garp Lungi Khorlo? The fastest man in all of Bhutan! The brave one who has conquered these mountains and hills."

"That was quite an introduction you have given me. However, you still have not answered my question. What are you doing here, all alone?"

It was apparent that she was washing something. On close inspection he noticed that they were the innerts of some dead animal.

"Can't you see what I am doing?" She snapped back.

"yes, I can see that you are washing the intestines of a dead animal" He replied.

"You guessed right, but these are not the intestines of a dead animal."

"What do you mean by that?" confused, he asked.

It was at that instant that she transformed before his very eyes. Her beauty vanished and she became this terrible figure with long matted hair. He could not see her facial features as they seemed veiled in darkness but in her claws she clenched something bloody. Holding up the bloody organ, she screeched at him. "What? You still don't understand me? Look! this is your heart, Garp Lungi Khorlo!"

"I have been waiting for the day that I captured you! but you have made it too easy for me! Don't you remember the vow you made to me up on the ridge?" To his horror he realized that he was face to face with the Black Demoness! "I have appeared before you and now your soul belongs to me for all eternity!" Her nails dug into his heart, blood dripping and all, and as she laughed hysterically, she disappeared. 

Suddenly, everything seemed surreal to him. Did he imagine it all? He gathered his composure and continued on home. When he reached, his wife served him with his favourite drink; traditional bhutanese rice wine (Ara). he took a sip from the bowl and told her that it was the best Ara he ever had! She told him that he looked tired, and that he should eat some food. He told her that he wasn't hungry, but that he wanted to sleep early as he was tired. Without finishing his drink, he placed the bowl of wine down on the table and went into the bedroom.

"What is wrong with him today?" His wife thought to herself as she peered down with a worried expression on her face, at the bowl of unfinished Ara.  

That night, Garp Lungi Khorlo slept and he never woke again.
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