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I'll explain a few things first before actually writing this story and I apologise for not submitting much but I rather talk to the people involved in the stories first before I actually submit them. Because in a lot of cases, they don't want me to share them. But I will for this one.

This event happened a few years ago. When I was in my 20s.
This is my account as to what happened not long ago. And this happened to my fiancé and myself.
My fiancé is a gruff and dark man. You could go as far and say he's scary.
A little background on him. He's Filipino, and he's to put it frankly, sociopathic/psychopathic. He doesn't feel anything emotionally and takes everything literal. Like a robot.
In general, he acts a lot like a killer. But this isn't a horror story about him, no he actually saved me this night.
And I'll be honest, it pays to know someone who thinks like a murderer. I love him dearly, and despite his faults, I know he loves me greatly as well. Enough to put his life on the line for me.
I remember it was dark, and muggy.
It was during the begining of Autumn and my fiancé "D" and I had finished an amazing date. Hibachi dinner and a movie as always. We were in high spirits and I was riding on cloud nine. We were going through the town I grew up in as a child, and I wanted to visit the trails at night. It was beautiful out, the moon was full and it was romantic. Of course, D wasn't opposed to the idea. Being together for 8 years now at the time, so he could pretty much read me. We both decided on it and pulled into the parking lot of the park. We both got out locking the car and headed over to the mouth of the trail. D came up behind me and motioned for me to take his arm to which I did and made sure to stay close to him.
We walked down the path for a long while. The path was dimly lit by his flashlight on his phone as we continued to follow the path. It was gorgeous. The full moon shone down on a clearing as we entered from the trees. The rippling water from the river was only 20 ft away. We were enjoying ourselves as we stood there for a bit, but I noticed at this time D had looked off at something. I tried to see and I asked what was up. D just stared in the direction we were going further down the path. I remember I couldn't see it very well but there was a black blob standing in the middle of the path a long way down it. I had to ask D again and he responded saying it was a person.
Keep in mind that this town wasn't huge, but it was a bit bigger than the town where we lived. And despite the amount of people, this town was dead after sunset. The only places that had people where the bars. There wouldn't be anyone walking the paths past 10pm. 
D had let go of me but I tried to cling to him because I was afraid. More nervous if anything, because it could be possible that it was just a college kid pulling a prank. But we've had one other run in with two drunk assholes trying to follow us. Which D handled beautifully, and what I mean by that as in he scared the piss out of two full grown men when we were in highschool.
But no this was different. And I knew that from how tense D got. He was like stone, that's how tense his muscles were. But regardless he told me to let go and I did. Afterwards telling me to stay where I was and not to move. But by this point I was shaking so bad that I was ready to run. D had trained me, I say this because I can't think of any other terminology for it, to obey everything he said in stressful situations. Because of how paniced I got in the past, though now without hesitation I respond to those codes he says.
So I stood there waiting. Because at this point it was considered to be dangerous.
D did get a bit closer to the person. But only to the point where D was 10 ft from me. He called out to the person to respond to him, but after a void of silence the figure didn't respond. I remember D took both of his knives out. Yes he always keeps himself armed, because of these reasons exactly. And these weren't just small pocket knives either. They're the big black folding ones that take up your hand, with a knob at the end for breaking windows.
He has these for a lot of reasons. Camping, survival, defense, life threatening situations, to name a few.
He called out at them again and the person still didn't say anything. But that's when they began to walk towards us. D had flicked the blades out then and gave me the verbal command that meant for me to run. So without anything more I turned and bolted back up the path away from him. Leaving D to deal with this psyco.
I reached the hill but as I ran up it I could hear someone running behind heading up the path. I looked behind myself to see a big black figure running towards me, like a possessed man running like a fucking Android.
I remembered I screamed but the person grabbed me. It was D, I knew this right away when I heard his deep voice told me to settle down.
I asked if I should still run, to which he said no and he'd explain what happened when we would get back in the car.
When we returned to the car I asked my fiancé what happened. And he explained.
Turns out after I bolted, he walked towards the creeper at a brisk pace. Basically ready to defend himself if need be. But when they were only 10-15ft away from eachother he said the guy just stopped and bolted in the other direction from him. He guessed he scared the shit out of the guy because he saw D was armed. Or because he didn't expect someone to go and meet him. It was possible it was some idiot kid who thought it would be cool to freak out two strangers. Or, it could have been a threat, but D had a bigger knife.
We never found out who it was that night, of course. But without a doubt D said that it really could have been a guy looking to do some damage. And the reason why he believes that is for these reasons.
He's been in enough fights and life treating occurrences to recognise the signs. And when someone is looking to hurt or kill, they act a certain way.
Normally pranksters don't go alone at night, they travel in pairs or groups. A stand alone guy means they wouldn't do something like this. They aren't that dumb, plain and simple.
And for the fact the guy didn't respond. Normally someone who's pranking someone will normally relent and say it's a prank after it gets pretty serious. Either after they would have seen the prankies run or pull out a self defense weapon. No instead this guy bolted and didn't show his face all the while.
All this lead D to the conclusion that this guy was no pranker.
After that occurance though, there had been a few cases of muggings in that town. But no one caught the assailant(s).
D knows how to handle these situations, and has had to fight for his life in the past growing up. So it pays to have this kind of knowledge. And to be honest, I sleep well at night knowing he's there with me always.
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