It was a dark, rainy day, I had just got off work and was relieved to be able to go home. I worked night shifts so I would finish work at about 3 am, I had always been a believer in the paranormal and if some of you don’t know I believe that 3 am is the time the spirits come out to play.

I continued driving nonetheless then suddenly my car makes a loud sound and comes to a halt. I cursed and got out of the car to inspect what was wrong and from the corner of my eye I spot a girl who looked about 6 or 7, she looked to be dressed in an old fashioned gown, which was very strange, I felt bad so I went up to her and asked her where her parents were, she just sobbed I am a very compassionate person so this ultimately broke my heart but I kept asking her questions she just sat there non stop sobbing. I called the police and when the police arrived the girl was gone, I haven’t slept the same ever since...
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