I was walking to my cabin, which was far into the woods, from my work. I stumbled upon another path when I approached the woods, so like the idiot I was, I took the path at night, not knowing where it lead. When I came across a giant, dead tree, which had to have been at least 200 feet, I decided that I wanted to turn back around, so I went back to where I originally came from, but it felt like hours. Not only that, it somehow lead me back to the tree, so I decide to just look around the tree to see a note saying "HELP ME,so I pick it up, and I feel a strange and evil presence lurk from the shadows. I turn around quickly, with my flashlight in hand. "I want to help whoever got stuck here, I'll leave you alone if you leave me alone!" I shout out into the darkness, but no response came, which naturally was a good thing, but in this scenario, it meant something bad was going to happen, because I know there was someone out there, or, something. I continue into the forest, finding some strange building, seems to be abandoned. I go into the building, they were bathrooms, I search the bathrooms some more, then I decide to start filming my little "adventure," if you want to call it that. I stumble across another note saying "ALWAYS WATCHESNO EYES," which I thought was kind of stupid, since I thought you needed eyes to watch. All of a sudden, I feel the evil presence again, which I turn around quickly, to find a man, seems to be around 7 feet tall, with a black suit and a red tie. I couldn't make out the face, so I put my flashlight onto his face, and "OH MY GOD!!!" I yell frantically, as I jolt out of the bathroom. I couldn't believe what I just saw: it was a very slender man with no face and completely white skin. I tried getting out of those woods as fast as possible, but it was no use, I kept getting dragged back in there. I went far away from the bathrooms as possible, only to end up in an even worse area: a corn field. I looked around and around the area for so long, only to find it in the direct center of the corn field, so I picked it up and ran as far away as possible. "Shit, I can't do this for much longer . . ." I huff. I make it to a silo, which had the 4th note, it said "NO" 12 times, the 3rd note said "FOLLOWS," with that monster next to it. I pick it and I book it out of there to 4 walls forming an 'X,' so I instinctively search it and find the 5th one, saying "CAN'T RUN," which I know is false, because I surely can run, but not for much longer. I pick the note up and decide to walk to the next note, which was in a field of tankers. It doesn't say anything, but it has a picture of the woods and the creature. I pick it up and walk to the next place, which just so happened to be a tunnel, so I walk outside the tunnel, I find nothing, I go on top of the tunnel, I find nothing, then I actually do the logical thing last and go inside the tunnel to actually find the page, it said "LEAVE ME ALONE," so I yelled "WHY DON'T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE?!" I hear breathing behind me, so I turned around and I only find a coyote, so I sigh in relief, but then the coyote turns into the creature, which I have an idea to call it "Slender Man," but I run away before it could catch me. So then I run out and to what I hope is the last area, which was a rusted truck. I find the page and it says "DON'T LOOK OR IT TAKES YOU," which I knew now that I've ran into it Then I hear a noise, it was a high-pitched, demonic screeching, then it faded, sounding like something was being burnt alive. That's when I realised that the sun was finally coming up, then I turn around to see that the suit was right in front of me, with dust or ash surrounding it, so I was finally able to go back home. But when I sat down, I had the suit and pages with me, so I put on the suit for some ungodly reason, and it somehow fit me perfectly. That's when it hit: I felt some back pains appear in my lower and upper back, then my face started hurting, which then my vision completely vanished. I felt my face, but . . . it wasn't there. I lost total control over my body. The last thing I remember seeing was that I looked exactly like that Slender Man.
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