When I was about 6 I used to go into the golf course owned by my grandfather, in middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful place and I only have fond memories, other than this one at least. So it was about 7 in the morning; and my family was driving a golf cart around the property as a morning drive. We got to a semi-wooded area of the path, and then saw a deer skull hung up on a tree, and understandingly my 5 yo sister was terrified, I on the other hand was interested in the sight. I asked around and couldn't find anything about it, eventually I forgot about the event and it apparently was taken down or something. A couple of years later I decided to hike in that area for a couple of minutes with my dad, it was great up till the moment I saw not 1 but 3 skulls hung on some trees deeper inside the woods, this only raised more questions like, who's putting them up, or for what purpose. I never found out who put them up, as the golf course was sadly sold a when I was about 9. Does anyone have any ideas?
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