This story hasn’t necessarily happened to me, but it did to my older sister’s boyfriend. For privacy reasons, I’ll call him Emmet. Emmet is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and just returned from his mission after serving four months in Farmington, New Mexico, but spent most of his days in Arizona. For a young man who wants to serve a mission, he has to serve for two years before they can return home, and I won’t be saying why Emmet returned after only being out in the field for four months. Now, over in other religious parts of the United States, he couldn’t explain this story while he was out on the field. But now that he’s back in Utah, which is where we live, he already has a terrifying story that he shared with me when he was visiting my family. Since I have short term memory, I’ll explain this story to the best of my ability.

Emmet was in Farmington, New Mexico and was staying in a trailer surrounded by desert playing games with his companion and two other missionaries. They weren’t staying in the middle of nowhere, if you were wondering. Anyway, they were laughing and having a good time when they suddenly had a bad feeling come over them. It wasn’t anything expected, it just washed over them like a tidal wave.
One of the missionaries suddenly said, “They’re here.”
Emmet was confused, but that dark presence he felt that night was too strong to ignore. So, with some sort of natural instinct, they grabbed items to use as a weapon before opening up the back door. Emmet had a baseball bat in his hands, and he wasn’t as scared. But when they stepped outside into the wild desert, all four missionaries were met to four dogs standing side by side in a neat row.

Emmet described to me that they were bigger than any dogs or wolves or coyotes he’s seen, but he knew they weren’t dogs. The animals’ eyes glowed yellow and their teeth were sharp and could tear anything, even 19 year old boys. What stood out to him the most was that one of them was the biggest out of all three and was hunched over like it was about to pounce. They didn’t have tails, either. But what made this terrify me the most was when Emmet described how unnatural their eyes looked. Mostly human like.

As intimidating as these “dogs” looked, Emmet’s companion was stern and directive as he gave out a warning saying, “Go now. You have no power here.”

These creatures didn’t like that as they let out a low growl, but three of them reluctantly turned and ran off. But the biggest one didn’t. It crouched down lower, ready to strike.

“This is your last chance. Leave, now!” Emmet’s companion warned.

It didn’t listen. So, Emmet’s companion raised his hand in the air and began saying, “By the power of God, I cast out any evil spirits that walk among this area. I strip away your power.”

After speaking that powerful prayer, the thing began whimpering like a dog had gotten hurt. It let out a screech like no creature should in this world and began walking away. However, it fell down like it was hurt, but got up again. It fell again, but this time, when it stood up, it’s paws were replaced with hands.  Human hands. Those hands looked like they belonged to a mans due to how hairy they were. The man beast fell again and the next time it got up, it - or he stood up on two legs. That creature was a man. The man was naked but had wolf’s skin to cover himself up. Since this vil man knew he was powerless, he didn’t go back and just ran away, dropping the wolf’s skin in the dirt.

Emmet and his companions stayed in their trailer the rest of the night and didn’t come out until morning. They went to go check out the wolf’s skin that was left behind, and it smelled awful like it was dead for a while. It was dirty, rotten and full of pure evil. They didn’t touch or pick it up because, like I said, the evil they felt on it. They told their bishop everything, but that was pretty much it.

Nothing like that has happened to them or Emmet for  the rest of his mission until he returned home. I have heard of people possessing that much power to transform themselves into Skinwalkers, but I just can’t believe this stuff can be real. I am a true believer of God and will do anything to keep anything sinister away from me and my family. Over in Billard, Utah, there is a place called the Skinwalker Ranch where it is known for UFO sightings and, of course, Skinwalkers. The reason I bring that up is because it’s scary to know that those things live in my state and can even walk among the place where Emmet lives, and where I live, just waiting to bring harm upon those who are least expected. I believe the devil’s power is strong in this world, and it makes me terrified that people who are sick in the head would do anything to carry this type of dark magic.
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Nellie, thank you for sharing Emmet's story. This is random, but I used to be a Latter-Day Saint. Anyway, what a terrifying experience they had! I agree with you, it's scary that there are people out there who uses dark magic to harm people. I'm glad that Emmet and the other three missionaries were safe during the encounter. I'm thankful for the power of God. 
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