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Just a heads up this happened years ago so I do not remember all the details and I’m glad I don’t. This takes place when I was around eight years old I lived right across the road from a management area called richloam (rich-lōm) which really was used for dog hunting and I liked hearing the dogs bark when I would walk down the paths and listen for hours at the beagles and hounds I even found lost dogs that were injured and returned them to their owners. Now to begin I knew all the paths and trails in these woods or at least that’s what I thought. I began walking down the main road that trucks took to drive in and out when eventually I hit an enter section where the road went four ways forward, left, right, and back behind me but then I found an unfamiliar trail. it looked very fresh as if it was just made. I looked down the trail then the bark and howling started it sounded like a pack of dogs that had treed (trē-d) something so I took off down the trail towards the noise but as I got closer they started sounding wrong and distorted like they were being played back on a broken record player and they sort of tailed off into a horse grunt at the end. This was very strange a new path on the woods mysterious howls but the most concerning question was what was making those howls.

I was young stupid and worried that it could be a hurt animal and I didn’t see the dangers that were ahead when I heard the slightest crunch to my left this made me jump back and land on a large stick that made a loud crack then a loud ear piercing screech echo through the pine this absolutely scared the living hell out of me that when I decided to book it out but I came to an abrupt stop when a massive creature at a height of at least seven or eight feet tall stepped from a bush and out on to the trail in front of me. Another screech came this time from what was standing before me. I took off to my left and tried to lose it zig-zagging back and forth eventually I came across one of the roads from the enter section I booked it back down the road and into my yard basically vaulting over my chain link fence and into my house. When I walked in my parents asked me what was wrong I said I decided to run home for the exercise as I didn’t want to freak them out because my mother believes in the paranormal and supernatural all though my dad does not even though I know it was all real every single bit of it. As I  was sitting on my bed later that night I started to picture it in my mind and all the details though now I couldn’t tell you all of them I can give the most distinct ones  like those eyes they still haunt me to this day if it even had eyes in it deer skull head that had bits of flesh hanging from it and the claws which it had  five claws on each hand that were each four or five inches long then there was the body it was a deer shape but it  was on two legs and looked malnourished and darn near death skinny which remembering while writing this still chills me and remember be safe in the woods as the skinwalker may find you.
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