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To start off this is a true story that I would like people to hear because it still sticks to me to this day getting on with the story I live in Charlemont Massachusetts and we have a lot of mountains out here I remember getting off the school bus at this time I was in 7th grade and so I was decently tired getting off the bus so I went inside set my stuff down thankfully I had no homework so I could get to Doug just what I wanted to do have some ice cream and sit out on the deck now keep in mind my house is on the side of the road there’s a small town half a mile down the road or so anyways behind my house is a big field and at the end of the field there was the forest well it pretty much surrounded us there was never escape from it. My sister mady and I sat out on the deck looking out into the field that was very sunny nice and warm just the perfect time to be outside anyways I just started on my ice cream when I heard it it was a very very loud scream filling the whole field and forest it sounded almost human but also a bit like an animal of some sort certainly not normal my sister and I looked at each other in pure terror my heart was racing except I didn’t feel very scared more uh exited as soon as the scream progressed in my head I instantly thought skinwalker it must be I’ve heard recordings of there screams before and it sounded just like one! My sister and I both got up I went inside and grabbed my phone trying to see if I could get it on camera or with that something from it my sister and I began to walk out into the field not too far but just enough and that’s when I saw the tree move mady get down I whispered why she said I told just listen to me I mean it! She neiled down ok lo... I stopped while looking at the woods I knew what I saw what what she said twice nothing the tree moved but it was just the wind let’s head back must have just been and animal. The whole way back I could tell she was suspicious about me leaving that quick but it was not til the next Friday when I told I saw the tree move and I assumed it was a person because that’s what I saw but then realized it’s head was a rotten deer skull and the rest of it seemed human like except it was entirely rotted and I remembered it looked at me but away again quickly and the whole way back to the house it was watching us and that’s why  I locked the door behind when we went inside. I still think of the thing til this day and I still live here and bo do I pray next time I see it I have a weapon or something or with that a camera 
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