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I've seen weird stuff my entire life, and they seem to come to me more often than me coming to them. I'll always take any weird story I hear with a pinch of salt, no matter how queer a story may be. One of the strangest I heard was from a friend in Florida, who told me about a silver thing that he had seen before. He said it wasn't an animal, person, or decoration. He challenged me to do a stake out with him, to see what it was. Reluctantly, I agreed.

We both discussed and agreed to watch for 1 week. The reason is because I always seem to have an experience when a week is how long I do anything. We talked to a cashier at a local store who corroborated my friend's claim by saying he had seen the same thing. He even had a drawing of it. It was flat, thin, long, and just plain odd. I commented that it looked like that gelatinous slime from the RPG Dungeons & Dragons, but my friend insisted that this was reality. Since D&D isn't a fave game by me or any of my friends, I figured he wasn't hallucinating and neither was the clerk. During the first 5 nights there was nothing to see, except the occasional bird, person, or dog. The 6th night was the greatest show.

At 11 PM on the 6th night, I was starting to get antsy, so I told my friend to keep watching from his bedroom window while I stretched my legs outside. As I was walking, my friend kept tapping on his window. I ignored it, until the tapping became so insistent that I started to worry. I turned to the window and he was jabbing his finger to the left of me. I looked and saw something stranger than anything I ever saw. Not as strange as what the clerk was talking about, but strange still.

It was about a foot tall, thin, twitchy, and silver in color. I spun to my friend's window and he nodded to confirm that what I saw was exactly what he wanted me to see. I took out my camera that I had with me and snapped a picture. I quickly pocketed it and then booked it to wards the thing. It flattened, then slid into the woods. I was so gob-smacked by that, I actually froze for a full minute. I just stared at the trees and didn't move or speak. I was actually carried back inside by my friend. When he sat me down, I asked him "Wh-wh-wh-what in the name of John Elway was that?" My friend simply said it was what he told me about. "What do you think its origin is?" My friend again, didn't have a straight answer.

The next day, I got my pictures developed and picked them up before I left. Every other picture from my other friends to animals I had seen came out fine. The final picture, which was supposed to be of the silver thing, was actually overexposed, even though there hadn't been any other light when I snapped it. My friend was disappointed and I was scared by that. Apparently, whatever it was, it didn't want to be identified. I still have the picture, but I never show it to anyone, because a big mass of white isn't exactly interesting. But, whenever I glance at it, I always wonder what was that bizarre entity? If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them.
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Maybe the thing was an extraterrestrial. It certainly doesn't look like anything of this world. 
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