I'm a teenager who lives in northern California. It was a few months ago when me and my brother decided to stay in our parents RV. It was behind our small house at the edge of the woods. It was around eleven when things got creepy.

I heard light footsteps around the RV and breathing. At first I thought it was my mom or dad checking in on us but after ten minutes of the footsteps and breathing I finally couldn't take it I went to the back bedroom of the RV to tell my brother. But by the time I got there I saw my brother was pale and scarred on the floor hiding.

I tried to talk but he shushed me. I checked out the window but saw nothing.

This whole time the forrest was silent but after I checked and the footsteps stopped it went back to normal. So I thought not much of it and went to bed but at around one to two in the morning I spiked up from my bed.

I figured it was one of those dreams that make you awake so suddenly but that's silence came back It was so silent for a few seconds I could here the small Creek running yards from the RV. I looked around and tried to regain my senses and then the steps occur again i consider my brother and making Arun for it home but I know that would be sucide. I think of the he legends I've been told skinwalkers,bigfoot ,wendigo, goatman the rake and all I can see is the thing whatever it is eating in the unknown darkness.

My brother wake up two but not because of me pacing. When I look over i see something look over his window it. Was shawdoy and dark it runs of into the Forrest needless to say we didn't go back to sleep in the morning me and my brother booked it to the house.
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