Hello there,my name is xavier I am 18 years old I have been in Pennsylvania throughout my life and this is my encounter that changed my life. In 2018, new years Eve, my family and I were on our way to meet up my thrid cousin, lance, to his outdoor home, to celebrate the new year. I usually never really cared about him, honestly my father and him used to mess around for a bit when they were kids, but now they work together, so much so that were going to start working on gardening and farming which I never really got into and I absolutely hated it, even to this day they still do it and I hate it. What pisses me off more is the fact that my father it's a bit of a control freak, he likes to clean other people's stuff but not in our own house.
I have nothing wrong against Lance, he was a conductor in the music arts, he works at funeral home, and he's a lovely husband.

He had bought the outdoor home about three months prior the celebration of the new year. the home looked a bit unusual, not the stereotypical haunted cabin in the woods, but it was strange. It had a plastic roofing on the balcony, the pillars weren't straight, it had a basketball hoop in the parking lot that nobody uses, in fact now that I come to think of it, I don't think the original owners or builders ever used it. however the interior was outstandingly beautiful, tan painted walls, 4K flat screen TV against the wall,  the lovely pictures of the Amazon rainforest, a marble kitchen counter table. I give him this, he did a wonderful job cleaning up the place for 3 months. 

There's three other people in the home, Uncle John, who is the owner of the funeral home, Francis who is a lovely husband to Lance, and Nancy. She is 80 years old and to this day I really don't know who she is. As we got there, food was already prepped and ready to eat.

As day turned to night, all of us notice at the home is a bit chilly, Lance asked me to check downstairs at the basement to see if the furnace is running, and so I did. I went and investigated and as soon as I open the hatch, it had just use the last of the log.  I checked behind me to see if there was some logs piled up, there wasn't. I went back upstairs and I asked Lance on where the logpile was. When he answered, I was immediately annoyed. It turns out that the logpile that he had set up was a quarter of a mile away from the home, it was 11: 45. There was no chance in hell I could somehow rush a quarter of a mile, lift the heavy logs, and make it back just in time to hit 12.

My father volunteered to go, because you know he wants to make himself useful. I told him that I can actually take care of things on my own. And I really wish I regret saying that. Not because that I would be late, but to witness something.

I went along and put my leather coat, gloves, and cap on. I grabbed the wagon for the pile and head out on the dark cold night. Though there's a full moon shining through the snow but wasn't bright enough, so I would have to use my phone as a flashlight.

As I walk further and further away form the home, I thought to myself, "oh great, i bet I'm going to die from some sort of spooky ghost or something of the sort." but I soon as that popped in my head I heard something to my right, I shined my flashlight to the direction on where the noise came from and there was nothing. I panicked and thought to myself "holyshit I'm going to be that kid that disappeared in stranger things." I calm down for a bit and I thought to myself it could be just a deer, rabbit or squirrel. worse  case scenario would be a coyote or bear.
I kept myself clam and I kept walking.

As I kept walking I keep hearing the noise, as if it was following me. I was curious, I stopped, and the noise would stop, and if I kept going, the noise comes back. I still kept my cool. Finally I reach to the logpile. Next to a pile was a lantern of top of a stump. I put away my phone and I turned it on. I moved the logs into the wagon one by one. As I finished putting the last log on top. I heard a growl. A deep growl. And that's when it hit me. I'm in the middle of the woods, it's a full moon, and there's some sort of thing behind me. It has be. There's no way I could be anything else, I grabbed my phone in turn on the flashlight. Turn around and there it was. The creature was 12 feet away form me, it had a human body but it was covered in fur, muscular, had a tail, 7 feet tall and have a wolf head. A werewolf.

Most people use the fight or flight response, most people when see is big scary monster, they run away. Some people when they see a big scary monster they try to fight it by whatever means necessary. I wasn't those people. In fact I was geeking out. I was into the monster mythology, and stories all throughout the world, mostly I look into Norse and Greek mythology. But I was also a skeptic in the supernatural. But when I first laid eyes on this beautiful thing, it was incredible to witness, but then I thought for a moment and came conclusion that it was stalking me. My heart sank. my brain was confused thinking that I should be excited or be afraid. But then luckily it just lost interest in me and walked off, I was not going to let this opportunity be taken away from me. I went to camera mode on my phone and took a picture. Unfortunately as cliche as it was, I was photobombed by a bug. It's probably because I had the flashlight on for too long.

2 years later, that memory still keeps me on my toes. I didn't bother telling my friends or my family about what I witness. Except for my girlfriend. She was always a believer of anything of the sorts. In fact she's a witch of her belief in pagan religion.

I need to find some sort of way to get this out of my head, I tried drawing it didn't help out. But then I turned the attention on screenwriting. Since the whole coronavirus thing showed up in March, I figured I was a good opportunity to expand my creativity and at least try to get it out of my head. I wrote the pilot draft series called "shift". The story goes is that Josh McAllister, accidentally gets cut buy remains of a werewolf. and has to fight off other creatures and an ancient evil covenant. Nevertheless, that experience, was no longer lingering me.

I shared the draft to my girlfriend to get her opinion on I wrote, and believe it or not, she said it was a good, so good and I should pitch the script. I didn't know that the first draft was going to be that good. So I who wrote the final draft made some tweaks here and there and I finished the pilot. I sended it to my girlfriend and she said that it was better than the original. I was impressed of my creativity, so I wanted to expand upon that idea I wanted to write the entire series.

As I was typing I thought to myself, this could be a huge step in my life, all because of that incident, all because of that creepy werewolf that was stalking me. I got to say, I thank that bastard.
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