Erik buried alive 1996
I've  always  been  both  scared  and  fascinated  by  the  paranormal, watching  monster  movies  and  crying  under  the  covers  when  the  undertaker  made his way to the ring. Growing up obsessed by the paranormal felt like a two way street because it seemed the paranormal had an obsession with me. When I was in the 9th grade I was a very shy and lonely kid who was so sensitive that if you looked at me in the face for more than a minit, I would cry.

My uncle had a ranch that bordered Black Star Canyon,My dad and I would visit the ranch every weekend. At the ranch my uncle had four dogs,Leader,Nala and Luna. who are German shepherds and Benji who is a golden retriever, I would alway hangout and talk to the dog because I didn't trust or like people. The rodeo was in town so my uncle and my dad  left me and my cousins at the ranch, me and my youngest cousin let’s call her Miriam.

Who speaks very little english decided to cross the property line into the canyon.

The canyon borders the highway and a small neighborhood, by the property line the neighbors had three dogs that would sometimes hangout with us. Ready for adventure I grabbed the Winchester pellet gun in a case of snakes and coyotes. We walked for about ten minutes then I saw a homeless man on a hill not too far away. I didn’t worry too much because there was a homeless camp in the other direction.

After a few more minutes i saw another homeless man but he was different tall and raggedy, the mood quickly changed he looked at us from a larger distance the dogs grew uneasy and my heart sank. I turned around to look at the dogs going into defensive mode circling  my cousin.

I turned back towards the man he was a lot closer but not moving at all. He ran towards us. I blinked. He was gone. A large coyote appeared in his place, almost changing shape. I fired.

I looked down to reload and it became a rabbit then a bird then a coyote again. I shot and continued to fire as the dogs barked aggressively. The thing let out a horrible roar, tears streamed down my face.I picked her up and ran towards the ranch , the dogs followed. As I made it to the gate, threw it open, the dogs ran in and I chained the gate. I got behind a beral and aimed at the gate. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears,all the animals were quiet. It let out another horrifying rore and the gate shook, it spooked a horse and I kicked open its peen and ran at us. I put her on top of an old truck and the horse almost stomped  on me but I rolled under the truck.

After  a few minutes  the gate stopped shaking and I got her and ran towards the fence to the house, kicked  the fence open and me and the dogs ran to the house.

I sat on the porch with her and the dogs just stared at the back gate. She asked me what happened, I told her about the coyotes. She believed it because she was five at the time. It’s been almost three years and Everytime I go to the ranch, I can see it in the dogs' faces. Writing this story at 1:06AM I feel the same cold primal fear as I did on that day. I don't know what monster it was but hopefully i can get some answers.
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