So some background first, I'm a guy I have constantly belived in the paranormal and these are still happening very far from each other. So it began the last year of middle school we where about 7 weeks into the year. My younger brother who we will call James had a friend, whom I hated, who we'll call B. He would hang out with my brother, spend the night, and sometimes annoy me. This night he never slept over and it was just me and James. In the morning i woke up and looked next to me.
I saw this strange shadow laying next to me of who i thought was B it had weird movements like how the air waves around heat in the summer. My tired mind never comprehended this until I placed my hand on it an it went right through feeling like a hot candle. I thought nothing of it even though I was a huge fan of anything monsters or ghosts. In the next few weeks of school i saw another lets call them heat shadows. I was walking to the bus and there was what looked like the shadow of a man staning next to a crashed car that vanished.
"Did you see that?" I asked my sister who we will call L
"See what?" L asked
"The man and the car it was right there!" I tried to exsplain but my sister didn't believe me but it was so clear to me.
Then came the voice. It was in the summer after my freshman year of highschool and my other sister who is 24 now, had a baby. I was cleaning the livingroom the tv was off and i had just sat down after having to move foam letters when i heard the demonic wispering voice of a man say something like SILENCE right in my ear but at the time i had no idea what it said at the time. I sudden feeling of dread fell over me and I ran up off the couch and to the kitchen where my parents where working on throwing old stuff out of the fridge away.
"Hey, what are you doing," My dad asked
"I heard a voice wisper in my ear!" I basicly yelled at them the fear in my body not letting up. I went to the furthest part of the kitchen.
"Go back in there Pyro your not done yet," My mother who by the way is wicken and believes strongly in the paranormal didn't listen.
I refused. I wasn't going back in there if you paid me. My parents later asked me about it later and i told them every thing. Now I love to do impressions of different things so I did my best impression of the voice and said what I heard it say.
"It said silence?!" My mothers attention quickly focused completely on me. "If you hear it again ask its name." I nodded.
Well if you could guess it happened again and I didn't ask it. This time I heard it in the bathroom i was going to take a shower but I heard SSSSSssssssaaaaaaa. At first i thought it was a snake but I remembered the fear and terror. This is my story so far and i hope i have nothing more to add ever again
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