I used to live in an apartment complex close to a very large golf course. When I moved in I quickly became friends with many kids my age there; including my neighbor who we’ll call Z. Z would go to this golf course and sell golfers back their lost balls that he collected from the very expansive woods on the property.

We often would go to these woods to goof off, build bike trails, make forts, and other typical things young boys do when playing in the woods.

We found many cool but odd things in those woods like an abandoned train and what seemed to be a few exploded buildings with rubble and bathroom doors as far as 100 yards away from the building itself which was only a foundation at this point. One day we were showing two other kids who lived in my complex these woods; as we were walking through sticks started to fall from trees in all directions, mainly at us who were walking in a loose pack.

This was very odd as there was no wind that day and as I turn to look at Z I see a very thick stick or small log rather fly inches above his head. If it were an inch lower it would’ve knocked him out or at least caused some serious damage. We all ran out of those woods not knowing what to think but just kinda brushed it off.

About a week later Z and I were back in the woods, alone this time. After a long day of messing around in the woods we were on a trail leading out of the woods and because it was a very hot day I was taking off my sweats(which I know sounds really odd but I often wore a pair of shorts underneath sweatpants)I had the pants to my ankles and remember telling Z “thank God nothing like that happened again” referring to stick incident. Right after I got the strangest most fear invoking feeling I’ve ever felt in my life.

The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up and I felt as if I were being intently watched.

I turned around to see what is causing this feeling and see what I can only describe as a shadow figure; thinking about still gives me goosebumps.

About 20 yards back a solid black figure is “staring” at me, staring isn’t the right word because this thing had no facial features, only black but I knew it was watching me. I stare at this slender, maybe 7 foot tall figure, with long arms which leads to hands with abnormally long fingers for what feels like forever as Z keeps walking having no idea this “thing” is behind us. All of the sudden it sounds like a tree fell directly to our right and as I turn to bolt I catch a glimpse of another black figure but this one is shorter and way bulkier, imagine the dimensions of a gorilla.

Z and I bolt out of there as fast as we can running faster than we ever have in our lives. As soon as we are out of the woods and back on the golf course and realize nothing followed us we started laughing really hard, I mean dying of laughter, I can only assume this is due to the intense adrenaline rush.

After that wore off I decide to go back for my sweats as I was not and still am not a superstitious man and had made my mind up that I was going to find two kids laughing their asses off as they just pulled off the prank of the century. Z refused to go with me so all alone I creeped down the trail to retrieve my pants and I surprising don’t hear or see anything.

As I pick up my pants and turn to leave I hear footsteps circling me but I couldn’t see what was causing them so I jog out of those woods and walk home with Z. I have been back to those woods and haven’t encountered anything since but I’m worried that if these figures make an appearance again they might do more than chase us out of their woods.
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