To be clear I was a 19 year old female at the time. I am now 25. I was taking photos of my  EMPTY bedroom at the time and I have never owned one of those round clocks. Or really any clocks for that matter. When I was done taking photos, I started to go through them and I noticed that their in the middle of my wall closest to my door was a thick black rim clock, with roman numerals on it. It also had the normal hands.  You would think that wouldn't be weird that everyone has clocks in their rooms, but as I had said before my room is completely empty. And the clock was see through. The hands where pointing to 3 o clock.  I later went to go show a friend of mine at the time only to find it had completely disappear. And I know for a fact, that I never deleted that photo. I later found that a boy had killed himself in my house around that time, way before we even lived their.
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