This happened about 2 weeks ago. I was at my family reunion in Western NY. For context my family owns a huge plot of land including a valley and a full hill. If you live in NY you know how big the hills are. Well on to the story. My aunt owns a fishing pond and one of the days of our week long family reunion. I decided to go fishing.

Now it takes time to walk the roads to the pond as it is basically in the middle of nowhere.  The trail down to the pond is narrow and surrounded by forest. Road by the trail is sorrounded by a huge amount of pine trees.

This will be important later. I walked down the trail with my fishing gear. And started fishing i caught 4 fish in about 20 minutes. Then to here a scream almost like a fox scream but more human. This scream was followed by a rusling in the bushes around the pond. Kinda curious and creeped out i was like ok well i guess thats it im heading back. As i reel my line in and i catch a fish. Then the Sreams get louder and louder fallowed by very heavy rusling.

I get the fish off as fast as possible and start up the trail at a quick pace. At this point im just creeped out. Then as im walking up the hill i hear a splash and then something walking away, at this point the screams had stopped. I think that's odd and start a jog. When i get to the road I start down it it takes about 20 minutes to walk from the pond to the farm I was camping at.

As i walk i here something snappping and stomping its way thro the pines trees. I started to run. I didnt look back at all.

I got back and asked what it could be to my family and they said a fox. But I dont think it was after listening to fox screams it was to human like. Also foxes are quite not loud. No one has been to the pond other than me that evening and I dont know if I want to go back. Im worried about what I will find if I do.
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