I am from Ireland.I am 20 years old and about 6ft 4 inch male and quite built . This story happened to me when I was first learning to drive about 17 . Now a few details before we begin . Ireland is a small country with a lot of open space and woods .  So I was completely alone in the middle of nowhere when this happened. Now let's begin

I just got my driving license and I was so happy . I was on top of the world . So I did not yet have a car but my mam and dad both did. So one night at about 11 my parents went to bed . Before my dad went up stairs to join my mam I said I needed to to my friend Allen house . Note it is about a 5 minute drive.

i was a responsible child so my dad let me . I rang Allen and said "hey you up for a drive " he said sure il be ready in 10 minutes. So I arrived picked Allen up and set of to the woods near us. Now the part of Ireland I live in is Laois about an 1 hour from Dublin . We arrived and I drive into the middle of the woods . We had a few beers and a few snacks and had a brilliant time until the mood changed . Everything was so quick and I began to fell we were not alone.

i tried to start the car but it cut out. This is a new car so this was very strange. Next thing I heard scared me to the bone a blood boiling scream  then out of nowhere I saw it a ghost figure with long hair that covers her face . Allen jumped into the car and shouted at me to get the fuck in . I did not feel scared though I felt sad and began to cry . Then it was gone I stayed crying and felt so sad it was so weird .

We left the woods then after a while of fixing the car . I dropped Allen of and went home . Crying all the way home . I went to bed but got woke up saying my granny had died . I was defeated I broke down completely

then I remembered what happened the night before. It made sense it was a banshee an Irish legend tat would come to certain family with certain 2nd names to tell them someone was going to die . I felt sick . Ireland is a lovely country but what happened that night was very weird and was definitely a banshee

tank you for listening
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