My story isn't very long but here it is. When I was 17 my parents sent me to the store to get some ketchup for supper, I didn't have a bike or anything so I walked the store is only four or five blocks from my house and the street lights usually keep the streets lit but tonight was different it was mid-summer the nights are normally calm and warm even in Oklahoma. but the air was cold and the street lights flickered. 'They're motion sensored so as I approach them they should light up.' I thought to myself but instead, they went dark right as I was under them. As I was on my way back home I heard a sound that sounded like a feared scream but figured it was some kind of industrial machine. But the further away I got It didn't get closer but it didn't get further away every couple of steps it happened again and always sound the same distance away and never had any slight changed exactly the same in every way every single time it happened. I'm not a skeptic I've always believed in this kind of thing so I didn't look behind me in case it was a creature I didn't want it to know I knew it existed.
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