Whatever it was that I saw one night, when I was ten years old, still haunts my dreams and memory thirty six years later. It was worse than any nightmare imaginable. I awoke with the sound of heavy footsteps coming up the stairs where my bedroom was the first door at the top of the staircase. A sense of trepidation froze me motionless in my bed. All the lights were off and my room was darker than normal. The darkness was palpable like a very hot and humid summer day without the heat. This only intensified my fear. As the footsteps reached just behind my door I must have blacked out because the next thing that I remember is that I'm holding onto the front door of my parent's house by the door knobs with something pulling on my feet. At first I can't see anything but the darkness. I was fighting to hold onto the door, kicking to get loose of what was trying to pull me out of the house and breathless to scream from the fear. Suddenly there appeared a bright light from above the house. To my horror I saw what it was that had ahold off my feet. It was tall pale white with long arms and it looked like a skeleton with skin stretched over it. I kicked and fought to get this monstrous thing to let go with all I could. I blacked out again. I woke up at dawn half in and half out of the house still clinging to the door. I didn't tell anyone until now because I was afraid of not being believed. It's all true. It did happen. I hope this never happens to anyone.
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