In 2005 I was working as a gym attendant in a small hotel near Stepps, just outside Glasgow.  One night I was closing up at 10pm, I was making my way down to the main door to make my way out and lock it up when I got a strong feeling of being watched.

  I started to feel extremely afraid and felt the urge to turn around! When I did I saw a white mass at the top of the hallway that started to rush towards me.  I turned and very quickly closed and locked the main door before running to my dad's car.  As soon as I sat down he said to me "you look like you've seen a ghost"? To which I replied "I think I did".  

The next day I went back to work and that night when I got dark I started to try and work out what I'd seen. I looked at the lights and shadows, I watched for cars coming past the window and watched to see if they would recreate what I had seen, but nothing seemed to recreate what i saw.  

Two days later when I was working someone had an accident in the gym.  I was filling out the accident book when I noticed the previous entry. Someone two years before had suffered a fatal heart attack on the treadmill and died before the ambulance had arrived.  It was two years to the day of my experience!!!

 Did I see the tortured soul of that poor person? Trapped in the gym unable to leave? All I know is it was one of the few times in my life that I have been genuinely terrified.
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