I was around 13 when I first heard of the Rugnoride, I overheard some people at my school talking about it. I was so curious that i just had to go over to them and ask what it was. I still wish to this day that i hadnt made that decision.

They told me a chant and said if i were to recite it with certain objects in a circle then it would summon the Rugnoride. They said that i would need somebodies blood and that it could be my own, some corn startch and a small animal sacrifice. I pushed it off and thought nothing of it, until that night when i was over at my friend Quintens house. He's super into the paranormal and has done every "challenge" out there like the Midnight Man and the What If Man. I brought up the Rugnoride and he said that he'd be down to do it if i wasn't A chicken. I told him that I did'nt know how to get rid of it or what it does once its summoned but he was still eager to do it regardless.

Once I told him what we needed to do he sprung right into action to get everything done. Twenty minutes later I found myself sitting in a circle with a dead rat that Quinten got off a mouse trap, some corn startch and a knife. Quinten insisted that he would be the one who put his blood in for the ritual. I asked him "are you sure about this"and he responded with "i've never been so sure in my life". We then said the chant, "Listen close and listen far, it's coming up in your yard. Dont be scared go inside it's only the Rugnoride". After that all went quiet, see now theres one thing i forgot to mention about the rugnoride, its completley silent. You cant even hear it on the squeakiest of wooden floors.

After about 15 minutes Quinten broke the silence "now what" he asked. i said "I'm not sure" we then went downstairs to go get a snack, thats when we saw the front door wide open. It wouldn't have been so spooky if we didn't just summon a demon and if it wasnt 3 am while we were home alone. We went to go and close the door paranoid about what we thought potentially could be in the house. We then sat at the kitchen table talking about the ritual and if it had actually worked. "Bro its not real" said Quinten, "but dude, how did the front door manage to be wide open with a deadbolt locked and the alarm system armed?"i asked.

That was when i saw something run from across the dark hallway, " bro what the hell?"i exclaimed. Quinten jolted around "dude stop screwing with me its not funny". "im not bro" i said. Quinten told me to go and check it out to see what it was, so i did just that. I checked every room and found nothing. We then decided to get some sleep which surprised me.

I woke up around 4:34 am to Quinten crying, " yo, you good man? whats wrong?" i asked. I then turned on my flashlight to see the Rugnoride hanging above Quintens bed on the ceiling, that was when my flashlight went out. Everything went out. After 2 minutes my light came back on and i saw Quintens mangled body hanging on the wall and the Rugnoride was nowhere to be found. You wanna know the craziest part? I never heard Quinten scream or the Rugnoride gnawing at his flesh.

I'm not writing this story to tell you how to summon the Rugnoride, im telling you why to not summon the Rugnoride, I didnt believe in it at first but now its very real. I'm not sure why the Rugnoride didnt attack me. Was it because i saw him? was it because i didnt put my blood in the circle? who knows. Just remember dont repeat the chant "Listen close and listen far, it's coming up in your yard. dont be scared go inside it's only the Rugnoride".

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