Back in 2006 I was an adventurous teenager who loved to hunt and I always went with my grandfather who was in his late 50’s at the time and had just fought off an infection so he was very weakened and the first thing he told me was that he wanted to go hunting early the next morning at the time local talk was that there was a band of coyotes roaming around the area so I packed my 22 caliber swizz pistol and a 12 gauge shotgun just in case of the tiny rascals tried doing anything stupid so early next morning I wake up around 5 am and get dressed as I walk to my dirt bike I hear a ear ringing howl/ screech come from behind my house at first I thought it was a bobcat until I made out that there was also a howl mixed in and so I quickly started my bike and drove to my grandpas house and waited for him to get his truck keys and then we head off into the area where I heard that howl/screech at we make it there and we get ready and then head into our spot while waiting nearby I hear those coyotes that everyone was talking about and they sound like there being attacked and my grandfather being a very curious man decided that we should go check it out while on the way there hear 3 sets of twig snaps all almost at the same time as if a third person is with us and when We get to the site of the sounds of the coyotes we see what looks like a murder seen the poor dogs were ridiculed some were impales onto tree prance others had huge gashes from head to toe and others heads were ripped off and the eyes ugh those poor dogs eyes were ripped out of there sockets and it really was disgusting at the time I thought what type of person could do this my grandfather looked at me one time and said let’s go and we started to speed walk back to the truck and then my grandpa says that he needed to take a leek and so I turned the other way and waited for him to finish his business when I see a shape running around all in front me and that’s when I get the dumb idea of Turing on the flash of my phone and as soon I did the only thing I saw was a huge masculine humanoid wolf coming directly at me and screamed now keep in mind I wasn’t no twig I played football all my life as well as baseball throw a little submission specialist in boxing and that’s me and this abomination made me soil my self and that’s when I snapped out my shock and picked up my gun and I pull the trigger there was a lound crackle of gunpowder and then it stopped looked at its chest which was oozing red and then looked back me and either smiled or snarled and then I heard my grandfather coming running towards me and before he got to me that thing looked at me and said not one word or you will be just like me and then ran back into the swamps after that I went home called my grandmother not my grandfathers wife but on my mothers side and told her the hole story she said that it was the rougarou sha and that I better tell not tell another soul besides her for another year because if not I would to turn into that monstrous thing because the old folk tale goes he sees the rougarou and opens his mouth about it, becomes it. this happened almost 15 years ago and I haven’t heard it for 13 years and that’s when I heard that howl/screech again and know I am moving states with my girlfriend so hopefully I don’t have to see that thing ever again.
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