Jack Stranger thoughts
I'm Jack. I live in Staten Island, New York. This took places a few months ago. I went to my cousin's party with my family. I'm not much of a social person so I was mostly outside.

This party took place in a building next to some woods and in front of a graveyard. I was looking at the graveyard to try to find some ghosts when something bright caught my eye.

I looked up in the sky to see a red ball of light in the sky. It was leaving a trail as it continued to go up. I thought it was a balloon until it stopped and went right, and just like tha it flew away at incredible speed, still leaving a trail of light behind it.

I actually would have believed that I'd imagined it if wasn't for the little girl pointing up in the sky, asking if I saw it too. I nodded as I went back in the building. I'm 100% sure that it was a ufo that night. I only had another ufo encounter after that.

I was sleeping silently when something woke me up telling me to listen. I was silent as I started listening to a noise that sounded like something above me. It was so loud I decided to look outside my window to see a white light that was so bright, I couldn't see outside.

5 seconds later, I heard the same sound I heard that night, the sound of the object flying away. I haven't had another UFO experience after that but I still do have Ghost Encounters.
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