To start this off, at the time of my story I didn't even know what paranormal was although my mom has always told us not to watch or listen to anything even remotely tied to the paranormal as it invites unwanted spirits into the house. If you can't already tell, she is the real deal when it comes to Christianity. I was about eight or nine at the time of this story and I knew things were out there that couldn't be explained and more often than not, any contact with t hear things ended in a horrorisque fashion. my sister's and I had just moved into our new house with our mom and we were really excited to be there. Our parents had just divorced and we'd lived in the same town all our lives so we considered this an adventure of sorts. Our house is old and I get the vibe it has a lot of history behind it. We had been at the house maybe a year when my first encounter with this thing came about. I was pretty much the only one left awake and I liked staying up later to think and imagine up scenarios in my head about knights and princes and such. Well, during one of these bouts of imagination I felt something watching me. The only way to describe this was an eery, foreboding chill that number your legs and speeds your heart up to what feels like a thousand times what it should be. They feeling for to be so strong that I abandoned the daydream of fighting dragons and crawled into bed. The feeling here stronger so, to keep myself from dweling too much on it I decided to go to sleep. After about 15 minutes of tossing and turning I did. I slept for about an hour or two when the call of nature woke me and I sat up to get out of bed when I saw it. It was standing there. Right next to my sister's bunk beds. It has a black wealth looking cloak on with the hood coming down just enough to cover it's face. It was holding what looked like a reapers scythe and I would have dismissed it as my imagination had the hand holding the scythe not tightened its grip on it. Panic gripped my chest and paralyzed me. I was frozen in my upright position just staring at the thing in all its horrifying, ghoulish glory. It then turned its head and looked at me. Jumped and slowly, very tensly slid back under my covers and layed there for about thirty minutes or so. By then the need to go reliev e myself was so strong I couldn't ignore it anymore. I peeked out from under my quilt and the cool air felt good on my skin, but the thing was still there. I took a deep breath, and I lowered a foot to the floor very slowly. The "reaper" gave no reaction. I took a deep breath and I ran as fast as I could into the light and safety of the bathroom. I did my business and washed my hands and walked back to the entrance of the room. I stood there looking into the room. You couldn't see the corner where the thing was from there but, I kid you not there was something on my bed. I decided to do the same as I did earlier so I ran and jumped into my bed while piling the covers on top of myself as fast as I could. I looked back at where the thing was but it was gone. I was relieved but not enough to relax entirely. I fell back into an uneasy sleep. Since then there has been a lot of happenings to prove something lives in the house with us and the constant feeling of always being watched can't be nothing. Even just recently I left a glass of water in my room and when I came baçk the thing was completely dry. What was scary about that, was that no one was home. I also dare not look in a mirror at night for fear of wh at night o Ok back at me. I also have being in that room alone. I have my own room now, but I still feel vulnerable. I hate how paranoid I've become. I just wish I still had the innocence of my right year old self.
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