I was 13, it happened in our old house back in florida. I'm glad we moved from that area and will never go back. I lived in a two story house near miami florida and near my house was a park that I frequently visited to play with some friends. One day I stayed out much later then I should have and my friends and I all separated at the park to go home. The twilight was rapidly getting darker and I don't like the dark so I was jogging to get home when I saw a small man beside one of my neighbours houses, he was hunched over and looked to be breathing hard. I was worried he was hurt or something so I stepped off the sidewalk and across some grass and I slowly walked up to him calling out asking if he was okay.

But when he turned to face me I stepped back and gasped, he had no mouth and his hands were all mangled like he put them in a blender but no blood was dripping from them but what disturbed me the most were his eyes were pitch black no white around the pupil they seemed to sink into his skull, with muddy brown hair pasted to his forehead and dirty clothes covered it who knows what. My brain screamed to run and that's just what I did and I didn't stop until I reached my house where I opened and slammed the door shut then running to every door and window making sure they were also secure.

My mom and dad and little brother were home and thought I was crazy trying to explain what I saw and of course they didn't believe me.

So I dropped the subject going to my room hoping to distract myself with listening to some fantasy story I had on my ipod. Later that night my parents informed my brother  and I that my aunt had gotten into a car accident and they were going to go to the hospital to check on her. They asked me to make sure the doors where locked and my younger brother who was 7 went to bed at his proper bedtime. I agreed worried about my aunt and asked for them to give me a call if they could to tell me how she was and with that they left.

Not twenty minutes later my brother and I were sitting on the couch watching mind numbing cartoons like kim possible when I heard the front door knob rattling. I would have thought my parents forgot something and came back if not for the door not opening and the rattling getting more and more violent.

I told my brother to go into the bathroom with the phone and lock the door just in case. He begrudgingly listened and I went to look out the front door window. I moved the curtain aside and screamed and fell back onto the floor, it was the short terrifying man with no mouth and deep black eyes. He was trying to grasp at the door with his mangled hands. I stayed motionless on the floor and the door knob continued to rattle frantically but what made me panic was that the lock slowly started to turn into the unlocked position. I jumped up and I pushed the lock back and held it there bracing myself against the door.

A strangled choking sound came from the other side and it almost reminded me of laughter.

That's when I started to cry. I don't know how long I was there or when the rattling stopped. I didn't move until I heard my parents calling from the other side of the door and my brother tapping my arm telling me to let go of the lock. I cried myself to sleep in my parents bed that night. I learned my brother called my father's mobile phone saying there was a man at the door and I had screamed and he heard me crying, so my parents rushed back home immediately.

They still think it was some creep trying to get into the house and think that is what scared me back then. We moved six months later after that happened and I am grateful to say I have never seen the mouthless man again. But now that I am an a grown woman with a husband and my own house and one year old daughter. I still haven't completely gotten over what happened to me when I was 13. The memory is like it happened just a week ago.

So let's just say I take self defence lessons and I  have three locks on both my front and back doors, also I will never let my child or children walk to or from the park or friends house alone.
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