Amber Pearson
Hi I live in England and this experience has definitely left me nervous and a bit frightened. OK so there's this prison about 10 minutes away from my house. I began to search up different ghost things and I found the website 'Gloucestershire prison' it was around £25 to get in and I remember being so nervous but excited!

When my dad said we could go I was very fervent and kept asking when we could go. A few weeks later my dad Eventually  gathered enough money and I was so happy!

As we arrived at the prison I felt nervousness set into me but I was trying to act like I wasn't bothered. "you excited?" dad asked. I nodded and grinned "yep!" he chuckled. As we paid the lady gave us two visitor tags to go around our necks and a guide "enjoy!" she exclaimed and we both smiled before thanking her. We walked down the odd smelling corridor before I flinched and covered my heart as I noticed a mannequin standing in the cells where the people were searched. An uneasy feeling set in my stomach and I swallowed nervously. Me and my dad walked silently listening for any specific sounds but we couldn't hear anything until I began to hear a slight tune being hummed "quit it!" I said loudly whilst shaking my dad's shoulder "what do you mean stop it?" he laughed loudly and I cringed as his laugh echoed along the walls. I looked down at the guide to try and distract myself "oh look... This prison was built over bodies from when they hung people" I said. My dad nodded and began talking about something but I didn't hear what he was saying I was more interested in that humming again. "h-hello?" I whispered now getting an eerie feeling that people were watching us. The soft lullaby of 'twinkle twinkle little star' was being hummed by someone... It sounded like a woman. I looked around me spinning in circles slowly. No one was here except me, my dad and the workers. It was quite early in the morning so no one was here yet. And the tours with real officers wouldn't start until night time. "dad do you hear that?" I asked as shivers ran down my spine. I got no reply an do looked to where my dad was... But he wasn't there. "dad?!" I yelled now panicking slightly. It was dark in the building and it was uncomfortable "dad?!" I began speed walking out until I got to the court yard "dad! Why didn't you tell me you were going?!" he looked at me "I told you to follow me" I glared at him and tutted before crossing my arms over my chest. "but did you hear that humming?" I asked as I got my phone out and began to take pictures "no... What humming?" I shook my head "never mind... It was probably my imagination" as I said that my phone began to play up. The torch turned on by itself and it wouldn't turn off "what the hell?" I pressed the on and off button rapidly before giving up. As we began walking to the A wing I heard a sound like something was being dragged. "please tell me you can hear that" dad looked at me "no..." I sighed and once again shook it off 

As we walked up the stairs I began to feel this heavy feeling as if something didn't want us there. "umm... H-hi... I'm Amber and this is my dad... We- we want to try and talk to some of you" I stuttered anxiously. Dad wrapped an arm around me and we both looked around in silence. As we got nothing we began opening the cell doors and looking in "BOO!" my dad yelled causing me to squeal and cover my head for some form of protection. My dad laughed and soon enough I was joining in. As we got to the last cell we closed the door then began walking off. As the door behind us closed we both heard a loud booming sound as if someone was walking up the hallway with very heavy boots on. Suddenly they stopped then it sounded like a guards keys were being moved about "d-dad can you hear that now?" he nodded and looked a bit nervous. Suddenly a cell door slammed "heck no!" I exclaimed as I ran down the stairs as fast as I could nearly tripping up but that wasn't on my mind just then... I wanted to get out of there. That was it.

"that could be explained... I guess" my dad said looking at me "no way! That was a legitimate ghost!" dad sighed "maybe... But we never know... Someone could be pranking us" as he said that I rolled my eyes and looked up at the window. My eyes widened and I gulped "do you see that?" I asked. "indeed I can" dad said shakily "someone can't make their face that pale and transparent... Unless they're a skilled makeup artist" I said nervously "let's- let's just get out of here" dad nodded and we both rushed off.

As we handed our tags back the lady smiled and looked at us "has a man in makeup came here yet?" my dad asked. Theady looked at us confused "no... You guys were the only visitors" I stared at her with wide eyes.

I can definitely tell you now that dad and I took something back with us... Its tormenting us.... And I'm terrified. 
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