My freshman year of high school, I went to a very religious boarding school. The kind of school that had mandatory church every weekend and strict rules about things like music, clothes, dancing, etcetera. I lived in a dorm room with three other girls. Our room was a medium sized square room, by the door we had a large mirror hung above two sinks. Next to the sinks was the closet and infront of the closet was one bunk bed. The back wall had cabinets hung over a built in desk with drawer . Opposite the first bunk bed was the other bunk bed. Each of us had our own cabinets to keep stuff like food and supplies. When I first moved in, everything seemed normal and I   was having fun being away from home. This was my first time living away from my parents, so it was very exciting. Fast forward a month or so, I woke up everynight from thuds over by the doors. When I investigated it I learned that something in my cabinets would push the doors open at night and things would dropped out and onto the floor. It started small with a pencil or two, slowly escalating to candy bars and then small books. This wasn't caused by earthquakes or slamming doors, the only thing that would open was my cabinet. In fear of the thing in my closet, I chained the doors together with a thick chain and padlock at night. Thinking we were done with the horrors of my cabinet, the four of us went to sleep that night hopeful. At around 3 am that night I awoke to a light tapping noise coming from the cabinet. I thought it must be hallucinations from my lack of sleep because no one else heard it, so I reluctantly go back to sleep. The tapping continued, getting louder and more violent each night. I woke each morning with the insides of my cabinet in ruins. One particularly bad morning, I move everything from the ruined shelf to another shelf and leave for class. That night, the thing in the cabinet alowed us to sleep peacefully, making no noise. When I woke up the next morning to check the cabinet, I find everything as I left it except for one lone item on the original shelf. The item was a 2 inch tall android that walks around when you wind it up. I don't remember where I got it from, or why I accepted it. 20191223_144850.jpg The android, still to this day, acts on it's own despite not being wound up for years. I fear if I get rid of it, it will hurt someone. Because of this, I will keep it safely locked in a box where it cannot harm anyone or anything. 
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