I was playing my playstation late at night. partied with my friend playing the new crash bandicoot trilogy game  we both were. i was good at video games so me and my friend used shareplay so i could help him with levels he wasnt so good at. Now..... when i say this im being 100% honest... Someone joined our party and just sat there Their username was Ph4antom Spelled just like that. i didnt know how he got in it was a invite only party. but i passed it as a bug and kicked him and went on with my game. but....he joined back and just sat there i could hear some noise from his microphone but it wasnt human it just sounded like reverse roars but very very...quiet. i muted his mic and went on with crash i was having a blast and i didnt want to let some troll ruin it. my friend was very quiet as well i asked "Hey dude..why are you so quiet?" he hesitated when trying to talk "i-its saying your name and address" my heart sank i instantly kicked him but to be placed into my game with a mysterious Green platform level. i joined the level wanting the gem and gold relic. even with all of that i still tried to have fun my friend muted him as well but...what happend next scared us both a knock on our windows perfectly synced. i looked out of mine and all i saw was a dark figure. i screamed and ran to my mothers room telling her the whole story she went to my room and...nothing the man was out of the party and my friend was acting normal so i mightave passed out but no...... It wasnt like that it was mutch worse i herd something fall in my closet and someone grunt i told my friend he was in my closet and he said the same i called the cops and nobody was there even as the cops were there grunts and breathing was herd in the closet but nothing pointing to that being the truth was there i packed my ps4 and never touched it again
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