Last Monday my grandpa called me and asked me to dogsit for them on Saturday so he could take grandma on an all day shopping trip to celebrate her 70th birthday. Of course I agreed to help. There house is located in the middle of nowhere about 30 minutes drive from our town and as desolate as it may be I love visiting them. In fact men and my brother spent a big part of our childhood at my grandparent home, we played in there big garden, explored the nearby forest and eating a lot of grandma's home cooking. 

I parked my car in front of the red little house and as soon as I stepped out I was welcomed by Bella, she jumped on my leg trying to lick my face but her short legs did not get her all the way up. Despite her small stature she is packt with muscles as she is of the mastiff breed. When I got in to the house grandma gave me all the instructions, grandpa gave me The key to The house and remained me to not forget to lock The door when I go out. I waive goodbye from The porch as they drove away in there old gray car.

I locked The door behind me and opened The fridge to see what grandma had left for me, a Nice looking chicken salad and on The counter there was some newly baked cookies. I took some salad out and sat down on The couch, Bella jumped up beside me and laid her head on my lap. 

After four hours of reality shows and a lot of cookies Bella started to get restless.  so I put her leash on and grabbed one of grandmas warmer jackets to barrow. The sky was cloudy and the wind was blowing pretty hard. There was two different paths I could take, one led out to a bigger road with farming land on both sides of the road and the other one was a smaller gravel road that led into the forest. I felt that the forest path would be much nicer as the trees would block of the hard winds and that road was not as heavy with traffic as the other one. I put on my airpods and started one of my playlists and started the walk, I had not turned up the music as high as I usually do so that I would be able to hear if a car was nearing. Bella walked in front of me, sick shaking from side to side to be able to smell on everything.

The road was a bit muddy but otherwise it was perfect, I loved taking walks and it was always nicer with a companion that liked it as much as I did. I was gazing into the forest, almost searching for something but at the same time not wanting to find anything, but after some time I did see something. I tried to focus on it and distinguish it from the rest of the forest, a small tingling started to go up my spine as a was trying to recognize the thing.

An elk, a stone's throw away, I could only see the head of the big animal sticking up from the dense bushes and trees it was surrounded by, the tingling disappeared as I looked on the big creature, it was a female elk as it had no horns and she stared straight at me as I walked past her. I wasn't scared of her but held eye contact until I was further away, I was really surprised that Bella had not noticed the elk as she tracked on seemingly distracted by something else. We walked on. I started to hear the sound of an car engine getting closer so I stopped on the side of the road, told Bella to sit and waited for the car to pas.

The car almost flew past us, I didn't recognize the car or the driver but it was clearly out on a joyride. I gave Bella some dog candy and continued walking deeper into the forest. I was thinking of the car, I know that I can't be mad because if i’m being honest I have don the same thing more then one time, this road is very fun to drive fast on. (CRACK) I stopped in my tracks, took out my airpods and listened.

Bella locked as if she was paralyzed, I have never seen her that way, but I could not see anything out of the ordinary.

The sound had come from our left, where there is a small creek and a stream that leads along the road in front of us but there was I line of trees between ous and the creek that made the visibility not the best. I tried to forget it and as I started to walk again Bella broke from her paralysis and started to run, I wasn't prepared for it so lost my balance and fell to the ground.

Thankfully I did not let go of the leach and as I lay on the cold gravel Bella walked up to me and licked my face, I sat myself up and got to the side of the road. I broached the gravel and dirt of my clothes, my hands was I bit beat up and I had hit my head. I stood up and just as I was going to turn around to walk home as I did not feel like  continu the walk any further I felt myself fall to the ground once again but this time it went black after hitting the road. But Bella did not pull me to the ground. I remember feeling a hard push on my back and something being on my back. The light that found it’s way in between the treetops felt like dagger in my eyes as I tried to open them, I had a terrible headache and I felt like I was moving. I was moving.

I saw the trees pas me by and panicked, I looked up and saw something dragging me by my feet into the forest but I could not see Bella. The thing was tall and slender, It almost looked like a person but the skin was gray and looked as if it was wet. I screamed and started to kick the thing to try to get loos and it worked, the thing looked surprised, the only thing I saw before I started to run back to the road was the things eyes… they were the deepest color of black I have ever seen. I heard the thing running behind me as I tried to get back onto the road, I felt a hard tug on my hair and once again felt myself fall to the ground, this time the thing dragged me by my hair, I recognized that it was dragging me to the creek. I clawed and hit and kicked as hard as I could but I did not get loose this time.

I felt the ice cold water as the thing dragged me deeper into the creek, It took its large gray hands and pushed my head under the water. I desperately tried to get away from the grips of this thing but I could feel the air disappearing from my lungs and my strength not being enough. I gave up. I was going to die hear and now and my grandparents was going to come home to a empty home and likely blame themselves. 

I felt the thing release me from its grip and I gasp for air as I came up from the water, I took myself up on land and watched the animalistic fight taking place in the creek. Bella had launched her sharp teeth in the things neck and it tried desperately to get her of. I tried to catch my breath, and I stood up and yelled for Bella to come to me and I started to run back to the road.

She came up beside me and we booked it back home. I could hear the thing let out a terrifying scream behind us as we ran for our lives. I did not look behind ous. Bella ran beside me all the way, I knew she was able to run much faster than me but she didn't. We got to the house and we locked the doors and windows behind ous. I stood in the kitchen window and looked into the path to the forest to see if the thing had followed us. after what felt like forever I could see the thing in the distance, It was hunched in the treeline but it was know more a red color then gray and it looked veeker. I guess Bella had injured it pretty bad. But I don’t know what I am going to tell my grandparent when they get home. They might not believe me if I tell the truth and I can’t say nothing because the thing might attack them if they are not prepared. And they will definitely know that something has happened when they see the shape I’m in. Please tell me what to do...

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