This happened to me 5 years ago. I remember it as clear as light.

It was a Saturday when this event took place. There was no school, so I decided to do a little exploring around town. I live near an abandoned sawmill. My parents always warned me about not going there as I could easily get lost. Me, being a curious teenager, decided to visit the place with my friend. Oh, how I wish I had not.

when we got there, we faced the half opened entrance gate. we immediately noticed the smell there. It was absolutely horrendous. It was like somebody used the place to pile up their waste there. We ignored the smell and went inside. I was beginning to regret this little trip of ours, but my friend looked really excited, so I decided to stay.

when we actually got inside the building, we noticed that it was completely empty. It was also considerably dark in there, but the place was easy to make out. Getting deeper into the building, the light started to fade away and soon, I could see nothing. And that’s when I heard it. A loud metal ‘BANG!’. It startled both me and my friend. My lips were sealed shut and so were my friend’s. I then heard what sounded like a chuckle. It came from the other side of the pitch black room. I slowly started backing out, and so did my friend. We were both shaking with fear. My eyes were beginning to settle with the darkness. I could now see an outline. The only problem was that this outline... it was solid black. It had the shape of a human, but it was all black, like some kind of 3D shadow. I could now see the eyes of the creature. They glared right into my soul. The eyes looked blood shot. I noticed my friend made a run for it. I followed close by, not looking back at the thing. I had so much adrenaline pumping through my veins that a stream of tears began to fall off my face. Before I knew it, I was long gone from the evil building. My friend got on his bike and I closed the gate behind us and fled from the scene.

Remembering this incident sends chills down my spine. I hope to God I don’t experience something like that again. EVER.
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