Darmie Duncan
Me and three of my close friends Joe, Harvey and Matt were out in our local town one day. We were walking down a main road and spotted a mysterious walkway to our side. It looked dark and spooky and we were the adventurous type of group, so of course we checked it out. After all, it was day time, so we'd be fine... or so we thought...

As we trudged down the walkway we noticed a pipe along a stream. The pipe was rusty and isolated. The strange thing about it was it was large enough for a human to get down, almost as if it was made like that on purpose. My friends seemed like they wanted to see inside but I was against the idea. "Come on Jamie, don't be scared, it's just a pipe." called my friend Matt. Before I could reply, all three of them were already halfway down. It was gradually getting darker and I didn't want to stay down the walkway by myself so I decided to follow. What's the worse that could happen?

Harvey was probably the bravest and most curious of us all, so he went down first. The clanging of his feet walking down the pipe seemed to come to a halt for a while and we started to worry. "Harvey?!" shouted my friend Joe. No reply. Joe shouted again, this time with a little bit of terror in his voice. No reply again. We all looked at each other, panic in our eyes when we suddenly heard Harvey call faintly up the pipe, "Uh... guys... I don't like this, we need to go..." All of a sudden we heard a deafening screech, followed by, "HELLO ZOMBIES NEARLY READY FOR YOU TO TEAR DOWN!"

After that, we all clambered out the pipe, almost as if our lives were on the line and sprinted for the road, back from where we came. We turned back as we heard the wet, slapping feet of a man, 7 foot tall, greasy ginger hair, with a large frame. He grabbed for Matt's legs and attempted to pull him into the ground, back into the pipe, but we saved him before the creature, with blood dripping from his teeth could harm us anymore.

We finally got back to Joe's house and I broke down crying, the image of that deathly monster still lurking in my mind. So if you ever see a pipe down a walkway, do not go down there.
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