I swear on a military person's grave this is real. I have had many, many paranormal encounters before, but none that were like THIS. I was with my mom for the weekend my brother's weekend wasn't sorted to be this weekend yet so it was just me and my mom. She just moved into an apartment ( for the 10th time in 5 years )  she has insomnia so I stayed up a bit to keep her company. She finally got tired and went to bed at around 11 pm, early for her. After that, I went to the bathroom to get into some PJs and sleep on the couch since my room had lots of stuff in it. About a half-hour later I was starting to drift off when I heard, a snort. I knew it wasn't my mom because the walls were surprisingly soundproof. As a child, I was braver than I am now, in 2020,  this happened in 2019, February. The snorts were coming from the left corner, facing me. I got up and grabbed mom's phone that she left on the boxes. I knew she has a sound recording app for when she met with my brother's dad as he had been violent in the past. I found it and started recording. The sound got louder as I recorded it, because it got closer. I sent it to my dad and told him to get me . I didn't tell him the complete truth though. I didn't want to be possessed again. My mom and I can see spirtits, me more than her, but even I couldn't see it. Since dad coulden't come I jumped over the back of the couch and ran the 5 steps to moms room. I woke her and told her about what happened and showed her the audio.  She slightly dissmised it but we did a minor spirit repleling saonce. It worked for a month,  but that one spirit didn't come back. We no longer have the audio because my mom goes through 3 phones a month.
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