• Im posting this upon a happening that has just occurred. I have been getting so angry with these incident, but at the the same time terrified. The first incident was when I was only four years old. My mother told me this a while ago, but I remember these two lost souls very clearly. I used to play with a little girl whose name was Samantha. Keep in mind that I saw her as nothing else but just another girl my age. Samantha would do things like play with my toys with me. I had this little toy truck that I could fit in and her and I would play in it. But one night I never saw her again. Now my mother is a Wiccan, so this will explain why she disappeared. One night while sleeping I saw a strange old man in my window. His face was so pale, and he gave me this stone cold gaze as if I had just punched him. I could barely even scream, but when I did my dad came running in the moment I screamed. The next day my mother came in and used sage to “cleanse” my room.
  • The next happening was just now. I had just gotten done with cleaning my room. I sat down and started getting on my phone and then the light in my room went completely out. Keep in mind my mom and I moved away to a new house. I started freaking out because I knew who was the culprit. It was that old man. The moment I saw his face I started frantically trying to turn on my light. I tripped on my electric scooter that was charging, and my shoulder landed on the handle of it. I looked at the old man and he had the face of a man who was in pain and sorrowful. Then he just faded away. 
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Be wary of child spirits. My older brother used to see a child spirit and  he once dreamed of the child, accompanied by an old man - he wonders if really was a ghost or was in fact something more sinister, as people always experienced bad luck in that house.  I'm not saying all ghost are bad, but its worrying if it followed you. 
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Yes, ghosts usually come alone if not in packs. They’re like wolves finding their purpose and must be felt with empathy. If I were a ghost, it’d be pretty boring so you’d do some out of this world stuff too
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