The Southern Woods
In April of 2019 my older brother, his best friend, my cousin, and I went on our yearly Spring break Camping and fishing trip at a local lake in Georgia. On the first night we were all doing some night fishing when my brother's friend cut his knuckle to the bone with a knife while trying to cut some fishing line. He was in some pain and we hadn't brought any pain medication. Me and my cousin Liam decided we would take the hike back to the car to go get some. It isn't a long hike by any means only about 20 minutes. When me and Liam got close to the end of the trail we heard something coming down the trail from behind us. We turned off our flashlights and hid on the side of the trail. A few moments later 2 people with no lights whatsoever came creeping down the trail and walked right by us. We watched as they walked to the end of the trail and get into a vehicle of their own. When they drove off Me and Liam got into our car and took the short drive to the house. We got some Ibuprofen for our injured companion and forgot all about our creepy encounter from earlier. That is until we pulled up to the woods once more to see the same vehicle from earlier once again parked. We questioned whether or not to even go back to the campsite, but we knew we had too. We cautiously proceeded onto the trail just to realize we left our flashlights at the house. Great we thought, now we are going in basically blind. All was well for a few minutes when suddenly we heard loud footsteps run towards us, not from the trail but from the thick woods to our left. At the moment we booked it flying down the trail as fast as our legs could manage tripping and stumbling all the way back to camp. We told my older and his friend what happened but they decided to keep fishing and camping but too stay alert. Nothing else happened that trip but me and Liam were for sure on edge the rest of the night. I do not know what the people were doing in the woods that late with no lights but I think I am better off not knowing. To all who go camping like I do just stay cautious of your surroundings.
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