To start off, my name is Harvey. Im 19, and ive worked for the lumber plant in the next town over in East Texas for about a year now.
I work the third shift, so 7 am to 7 pm on weekends and 11pm to 7am on some weekdays and i always get an unnerved feeling at night. It started after my training was finished.
I have to do rounds inside the plant every so often during the weekend and once at 3 am on weekdays.
I was out one friday night, doing my round as i always had when i feel like im not alone and being watched by something i couldnt see. Thats when it started.
I heard a loud slam on the bottom of the vehicle i use for my round. I yelled in fright. I tried to get it out of there as fast as i can and whatever it was, started hitting the top of the cart.
I either lost it or it got bored with me, but it stopped messing with me for that night. When i got to the upstairs part, i started feeling like i was being followed once more.
I kept hearing someone or something walking behind me with wooden boards creaking and groaning. I turn to see what was behind me and i saw nothing. Thinking it was my imagination, i turned around and ventured further into the mill. Thats when i get flashes of images of a man who had been burned beyond recognition with few patches of skin in tact, a small patch of black hair, sunken eye sockets without eyelids, i couldnt see a nose, and it had a gap where its lips used to be with gaps in its cheeks.
When i saw it, my heart started thudding in my chest. There are cameras in the upstairs part, so i couldnt exactly run in terror without being questioned, so i acted calm and started again. I had heard that ghosts couldnt physically harm you, so i tried to push it out of my mind and kept saying to myself that it was just my imagination. Oh how wrong i was.
I started hearing creaking and groaning followed by footsteps behind me. I speed walked to the stairs leading to the ground. Thats when i heard a deafening crash. I spun around and didnt see anything, so i ran down the two flights of metal stairs til my feet touched the concrete beneath the mill. I didn't stop running until i was in the cart and on my way to the next key.
The next key was near an old building they dont use anymore. I had heard that theres something that stands at the back of the long porch in the shadows that liked to stare at you, so i was told how to park where the porch is illuminated by the led light on the front of the cart.
I always feel watched when im over there, so i keep my eyes on the part where its said to be, but i never seen it...until that night.
It was Saturday night, so i didnt really have a set time to do my round, so i left out at 2 am. I got to the old abandoned office building and i kept my eyes on the back part of the porch. What a horrible mistake.
I eye it over to make sure it was undisturbed, and turn to go back to the cart. For some reason i looked down, but im glad i did because nothing could prepare me for what i saw on the otherside of the railing.
I saw what resembled an old man and what i imagined a goblin to look like. It was a sickly gray color and hunched down like it was hiding and its neck was bent up to where his face was looking straight up at me with a toothy smile on its face. I looked down to where my legs were, and i saw its scragly hands attempt to wrap its arms around my legs.
Thats when i preceded to run as fast as i could to the cart to get the hell out of there.
That was the last time i saw the burning man and goblin, but their images are burned into my head for the rest of my life. I currently work there still where i always feel watched.
To those of you who say that the paranormal is not real or that these two, of many other encounters are simply fictional, i dare you to spend a week in my shoes. At the end of the week, you will be a believer as well.
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