I was 18 years old, living in Washington State. I was driving home in my red pick up truck, I had just dropped a friend off at his house. I had just exited the highway, and was making my way towards my neighborhood. It was nighttime.
I was just passing my high school when I saw a black figure standing on the sidewalk. I slowed as I neared him. He was dressed nice and fancy, as if he were going to a dance, or wedding. He looked at me, he was incredibly pale, and his skin was tight against his skull.
"Need a ride?" I asked him, a bit nervous. He just stared at me with his droopy black eyes. Then nodded without saying anything or changing his blank expression. I had a game console in the front seat, so the hitchhiker climbed into the backseat. I started driving again, and asked the man where he wanted me to take him. He was staring at a small grey piece of paper in his hands, he didn't look up, but said, "just drive".
I was very creeped out at that time, but just kept driving as the man requested. After a few moments of silence, I asked again where the man wanted to go. I got the same reply. "Just drive."
I asked the same thing again 3 or 4 times. Every time he said the same thing. Eventually I got annoyed that he was making me late for dinner, so I tried telling him where he might want me to drop him off. "There's a mall not far from here that has a really good Asian restaurant, want to stop there?"
A few seconds passed. Then he looked up from the paper. He squinted his black eyes menacingly. "Just drive." He said firmly. He looked back at the paper.
Terrified, I decided to try and make conversation with the man, to get on his good side. "What's that you got there?" I asked, referring to the paper. "A photo?"
He didn't look up, but slowly spoke, "wedding photo." His voice was no longer mean, it was sad and hollow. He spoke again, even more pained this time.
" She died the day of our wedding. " he paused for a second, then said, "we both did."
I glanced back at the man, only to see that he had vanished.
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