The Pale Hand (previously posted on r/Paranormal)

So I finally decided to share my stories here, because it's been over a decade since I told anyone, and yet nobody seems to believe my stories.
In all those years I haven't managed to come up with an explanation for what happened to me when I was younger.

So this first story took place when I was around the age of 6, maybe 7.
I vividly remember me and my twin brother were just playing around in our backyard, like little kids do.
I remember we were sitting on the ground and playing around one of those heavy parasol stands, which had no parasol in it.
Eventually me and my brother both sat around the parasol stand, just playing with some little toy cars or something.
This is the moment me and my brother both saw a pale hand coming out of the hole on the top.
Me, being the curious kid I was, touched the hand and I remember it felt very cold.
Eventually the hand just slid back in the parasol stand, and we weren't really freaked out for some reason.
We calmly explained to our mom what had happened, and obviously she just played it off like it was just our imagination.
Till this day, around 15 years later, me and my brother both swear to God we both truly saw that hand.

This second story is about me, having really weird night terrors when I was younger. So I would say I was around the age of 5 when this story took place, and I remember it would happen almost every other night.

So I would be laying in bed, sound asleep, and all of a sudden I would just randomly wake up in the middle of the night. I'm guessing this would've been around 2-3 AM.
As my eyes got adjusted to the dark, I would start to look around my room, wondering what woke me up.
Eventually once my eyes had fully adjusted to the dark, I would see this pale hand coming out of my wall, which would be coming towards me, trying to touch me.
This would happen so frequently, that I just got used to it and would just leave my room for about half an hour, and then I would come back and go back to sleep.

The strange thing is, the wall the hand was coming from was one of the outer walls of our house, on the second floor.
So nobody should've been able to get to me even if there was a hole in that wall, which wasn't the case obviously.
Also, the fact that I always woke up before this happened, makes it impossible to write it off as a bad dream.
It also wasn't sleep paralysis, because I was able to look around, move my arms and legs and I could also get up.
So fast forward to a few years later, and we found out our house was built almost on top of a historic burial site, where a famous murderer from the 1700s was presumably buried.
I did some research on this criminal, and he did not have a happy ending.
According to a dairy from someone who witnessed his execution back in 1775, he was strapped down in a chair for 114 consecutive days before he was brutally executed.

Was it just my childhood imagination? or was it the criminal, trying to make one more victim from beyond the grave?
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