This happend in January 2018. I was visting my buddy up in flagstaff, i moved him up there a year prior and was finally visiting, well while on my way up there i stopped by his little brothers house and picked him up so he could visit as well.

The visit was going awesome, we went hiking and off roading and shooting to yet the last night before i drove back i saw something that still haunts me to this day. We were off roading and coming up to this hill in the middle of the forest, well we started to feel his land rover kind of sink, we thought it was just the sand but it wasn't all of sudden his air ride gave out and we just thought "hey is just gave out no problem"
We got out and started checking it out and then all of a sudden the wind gusted up and blew hard as hurricane, not to creepy right?
Wrong, all of a sudden we noticed the birds werent chirping and the bugs weren't out, we looked out towards our left and there was an open field and then more forest. 

It was about 200 yards between us and the field and the other side of forest. we then saw the tall slender figure with long arms arms, running towards the other end of the forest it took it 5 seconds.
After we saw that we got the hell out of there and got back to his house, after we ate and got to bed we thought it was over, well at 3 A.M my buddy's little brother woke up and said he saw a skin walker staring down at me.

The story doesn't end there about a couple weeks ago i had a dream a skin walker was watching me dream. Lately i have been hearing wierd noises and saw a figurees eyes just starring back at me one night when i checked out the noises.
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