This happened a long time ago. I was 12 and in my grandparents village. We had an cow and an Ox. Usually the son of the Bull(usually just 1) took all the cattle to graze and at night he would take them back. Cows know where to go when going home. My grandpa had a male ox and since my father was and adult and he wasn't there I took the responsibility. Basically my job was to go around the village with the ox trailing after me calling the people to open their doors. Our ox would grunt to call the herd and all the females came out. From then on I had to take them to a clearing up the mountain and then Later take them to the river. It was easy. The animals already knew where they were going. They were calm and our bull was a gentle giant. Ill i did was ride him and have a thin rope on his horns. If any or the females wandered off all I did was call or in rare occasions poke her with a dull stick in the right direction. My grandpa said that if I see a wold(very rare),a boar or a fox I should stay on the ox. Not many animals dare go near an ox herd.

There is a dark part of the forest where it is vary quiet and even the bravest hunters won't go. It is very slippery and dangerous. They said that even the deer and boar dare not go there. I was forbidden to go there and honestly never wanted to. It was an early morning and everything seemed fine. I was on the Ox going up the mountain. I was glad he let me because it was a hard trek up. I saw that one of the females was wandering off. I followed her and left our ox and the dogs to guide the herd. She went in the forest. I ran to her and got on tying the rope on her horns. I tried steering her away but she continued. She went in the dark part and stopped. I didn't want to get off in case she ran back and left me there. I heard a crunch and turned.

A very old man was walking towards us. He looked frail with dirty clothes and a long beard. I was scared so I laid on the ox clinging to her not wanting to fall if she ran. Oxen aren't like bulls. They don't jump and kick when scared. They either attack with their horns and trample or run. I was ready to hold on no matter what she chose. Our oxen don't take kindly to strangers before I took them Out I had to go to every house and have the ox owner introduce me to the animal. That way they saw that their owner trusts me and their Herd leader(our ox) trusts me. I knew she would either attack or bolt. But she just stood there. The stranger came to us and petted her on her head whispering something I didn't understand. He looked at me.His eyes were completely white. Then he turned around and left. He just disappeared in the trees.

Suddenly the female grunted as if had just woken up(our male does that noise every morning) and bolted the way we came from. We found the herd. I quickly got on our ox and yelled Water. He knew that command and went down towards the river(there were houses there and it was closer than home). I barged in one of the houses and tried to explain. The couple there stayed with me and send their daughter to call my grandpa. I couldn't sleep for days remembering those white eyes. My grandparent didn't let me out of the house for garden and I wasn't allowed near trees.

Later I learned they were protecting me from a Lesnic. A forest spirit which can take the form of a man an owl or a wolf. It hates when people go in his part of the woods and can kidnap you. I later learned that the ox which took me there had fallen ill and died. It sometimes stays in the trees as an owl looking for the offender. For years when I went to my Grandparents they wouldn't let me be alone. Not just outside but inside too. I am never going in these woods again.
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