The old man in my window.

This creepy experience only happened only about a month ago. I still can’t get it out of my mind no matter how hard I try. Anyway, even though I am 13 I have always been fascinated in anything, and everything paranormal. Just something about knowing you’re not alone excites me. My friend (her name will not be said) has a family history in being able to talk, hear, and see ghostly figures that let her know they are there. They are usually a more powerful presence. Well, one night she came over to my house to sleep over. It isn't uncommon that she comes over because she is ALWAYS over my house. Practically she s over my house more than she is at her own. We have been best friends for 2 years now. My best friend only told me about her special ability around 4 months before this incident happened. Me, and my twin sister Callie we astonished. At first, we didn't believe her one bit until she told us crazy experiences that have been happening in the night to us that were true. She swore on everything that she wasn't just pulling our leg. We believed her. Her grandma is a voodoo witch, so is her mother. They are a nice family. If you met them you wouldn't be able to tell that she has special abilities such as talking to the dead. Me, Callie, and our best friend all sat down at my wooden kitchen table as she spoke to us about which ghosts we personally have. Both me, and callie have different ghosts except Sammy who is a very rude ghost that wants to kill you, and a friendly ghost who is related to Sammy when they were alive. Her name is Ava. A little back story on them, Sammy was older than Ava at the time when they both passed away. When their parents went out one night Sammy killed Ava in the attic then Sammy killed herself. These ghosts have been following us for around 4 years now, they never really tried to do us harm yet though. Yes, they do tie in the story. After knowing all their names and where they lived in my house I felt different. I couldn't get that feeling of being alone anymore off my mind the whole night. Around 12:00 A.M that night we all were very bored. My mother at the time was fast asleep so we couldn't play any music in our room because the whole upstairs to my place is 3 bedrooms with a big main bathroom. That noise would wake her up, so ultimately, we walked down stairs. We took my Mothers keys, and played music on the aux cored for about an hour or so. After that we started to get bored, and hungry. turning off the car we all headed inside to make some delicious food.  Preheating the oven, placing the food in the oven I went upstairs to use the restroom. After using the restroom and washing my hands. I came out on my phone walking slowly to the stairs until I heard a squeak. I familiar squeak like when you sit on callie’s bed. Stupid me thinking that they came upstairs while I was using the restroom I lifted my head up to walk inside. The door creaked open as I look around the comer to see no one was sitting on her bed. I heard the squeak, I know I did. A few moments while I was gathering my thoughts together on why no one was up her a black figure flew past my face so fast! I felt the room get cold. Almost as cold as winter. A feeling of fear ran through my body. I raced down the stairs to hear the laughs of my best friend, and Callie eating food. Looking up at me seeing my petrified facial expression they asked, " What's wrong." I told them what happened. My best friend dashed up the stairs wanting to see what has happened. Maybe she thought that she could see the figure if he let her. Stepping carefully into the room the feeling of fear wasn't there anymore. If felt "normal."  She looked around all my room. Even in my closet for this entity. Nothing! Nothing was there. I thought I was tired. having the time being close to 2:30 A.M. I brushed it off. After eating, then cleaning up we headed back out to the car. I have a window on the back side of my house in where you can see clearly if someone was standing near the window, r moved the curtains around in any way. Taking snap chats like any teen girl does my eyes were drawn to the window. I couldn't see anything. Not a figure, not even a showdown. Keryn looked at me through the mirror trying to figure out what I was staring at. Following my eyes back all the way up to my window she freaked out saying that there was an old man staring down at me through the car. We jumped out of our seats. literally. I frantically asked her if "she has seen him before" "No" was her answer.  Running back into the house trying to get up the stairs quickly but not waking anyone up was a task. Bursting into the room my best friend still said no one was here. That night we stayed down stairs mostly only coming upstairs to sleep because I have another bathroom down stairs. Telling this story to my other friends they didn't believe me, but I knew what had happened that night, and I will never forget.

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