Hello this is a story that happened to me My name is Kelby and my friend Korey. We both live in southern Ohio and one day we decided to go in the woods with a BB gun and try to shoot some stuff we where about 12 or 13 just bored kids. So we walked into the woods about half a mile or so enjoying each other’s company and just joking around like friends do. We decide to stop and take a break we sat down on a big log and where talking about video games girls and what not when we could hear something walking.

We both look around and see nothing still we here walking and walking then it stopped like whatever was walking was surprised to see us and stopped suddenly.

This was in autumn so there was no leaves or vegetation on anything so we could see 100 yards in any direction we could see a long ways and yet still couldn’t see anything walking. As we sat there I grabbed a stick and threw it just to make some noise to see what the thing would do and it just kept making small jump sounds like a squirrel or something and still never seen anything. Then right when we where about to just Ignore it or forget it this ungodly roar came bellowing out at us it was so loud it rattled your chest you could feel it deep inside your body. It sounds like a super deep grunt but lasted a good few seconds each time.

We jumped up immediately and started scanning the area shaking like crazy and still not seeing anything. This thing kept roaring and roaring at us so loud and deep it felt like it vibrated your heart. Me and him just looked at each other and just ran. We had no weapon other than a BB gun which from the sound of that thing wouldn’t have done much .

We ran all the way back a half a mile to the safely of the electric fence. The entire time on the way back we could hear it following us the roar would seem like it would get louder everything and yet we still never saw it. We made it back home and every time we see each other we always talk about that crazy experience nobody ever believes us when we tell the story. We joke about one day going back in those woods with a lot more weapons and finding that creature again but truthfully I’m to scared. I’ve only been in those woods maybe 2 or 3 times since then and I always feel watched and creeped out.

So that’s my story of the roaring thing that sounded like it was right in your face roaring and yet never seem nothing. To this day I regret never looking up in the trees because that’s the only place I could think of now that it might have been 
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