James Yates
This happened to me maybe 20 years ago. I was just out of high school and was visiting my grandparents who lived on a farm in Southeastern Oklahoma, close to the Ouachita National Forest. 

The farm was always a peaceful place to visit. You could just sit on the porch swing out front, and it seemed like all of your troubles from home had melted away. Lots of cousins lived nearby, and they would always come over, and we would have huge country breakfasts, then some would break out their guitars and start singing. Truly felt like a magical place. Until the sun went down.

Growing up, if I ever went outside at my grandparents' farm at night, I always got this creepy feeling like something was watching me from the nearby woods. I would often have nightmares of something coming out of those woods to get me. Many nights sleeping in the living room on the hide-a-bed, noises in the night would stir my imagination as if something was walking around on the front porch. Little did I know that one day, something would indeed come out of that forest and make its presence known.

One late day in my late teens/early twenties, I was laying on the bed listening to music in the back bedroom, what we called "the back porch", a room later added on to the house which was big enough for two full sized beds. It was then that I heard a scream...a howl...something ungodly and other-worldly coming from outside. It was unlike anything I had ever heard before. I cant even describe how scary it sounded. It was loud, and it echoed through the hills. And it just kept screaming. Whatever it was, it was close, possibly even in the back yard.

I jumped up and ran into the living room. My mom and everyone else was busy chatting and making supper. To give you an idea of my mom, and pretty much everyone else for that matter, if you were to bust in and say you heard a strange noise outside, they would say "Hmm" and go back to what they were doing. If you said "I saw something strange in the sky", or "some creature in the forest", they would say "Hmm" and go back to what they were doing. So knowing this about my family, I rolled my eyes and decided to investigate for myself.

I walked out the back door with nothing but a camera. Ok ok, I was young and stupid. But I was on a mission, and I was convinced that whatever was making this sound was something that probably hasn't been seen very many times by man. I thought if I could just get a glimpse or a picture of whatever it was, I could report it somewhere as a little bit of proof that a strange creature was lurking in the woods. 

Whatever it was, was moving away from me. The screaming continued, and I followed it through the back yard, through the nearby pasture, and then into the woods. Deeper and deeper I followed this thing into the woods, each moment becoming more and more perplexed as to what this thing could be. What an idiot, I thought. This thing could be a mountain lion, or panther, or who the heck knows what, and I could get mauled out here in the woods...but at least I could take a picture of whatever was about to kill me. Was this thing running from me? Or was it luring me deeper into the forest?

And then I realized the sun was going down. Oh great, I thought. It's going to get dark in a bit, and I'm stuck out in the middle of the woods with this thing. So I turned around and headed for home, always hearing the screaming in the distance behind me. By the time I reached the edge of the forest and made it to open pasture, it was pretty dark, and I didn't even have a flashlight to light my way. Luckily I made it safely back to the house.

Maybe a night or two later, I was staying a couple of nights with my cousin Billy, who lived just up the hill from my grandparents. I dont remember how this started, but Billy decided...here comes me being stupid #2...that in the middle of the night, we would wake up, strip naked at the back door, walk down the hill, through the pasture, and go skinny dipping in one of my grandfather's ponds. Nevermind that there were most likely water moccasins and copperheads, but whatever. And for maybe three or four nights in a row, we did this. Wake up in the middle of the night, strip naked at the back door, walk down the hill, walk through the pasture, go skinny dipping, get out and walk back through the pasture, up the hill again, get dressed at the back door, then go back to sleep. I dont know to this day why we did this, but yeah we were dumb kids.

On about the fifth night, Billy said "Dont wake me up tonight, just let me sleep. You can go swimming if you want, but I dont wanna go tonight". Ok, I said. So that night I woke up as usual, went to the back door and stripped naked, walked down the hill, through the pasture, and went skinny dipping in the pond. Alone. In the dark. Oh lordy, it wasnt long before I got creeped out and exited the pond. I began to make my way back across the open pasture when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. There was someone...something...else with me in that pasture.

It was very dark, so I couldn't get a good look at it. But it was tall, and thin. And it stood on two legs. I immediately froze in fear. What was it? There wouldnt be any reason for a person to be out in this pasture at this hour. Ok well, anyone other than me. I thought "This is it. Everyone is gonna find my dead naked body in this field in the morning. I do NOT want to go out like this". 

I managed to squat down on my haunches, trying to get a better look at the thing. The moon was in the background so I was hoping whatever light there was would literally shed more light on what this could possibly be. The thing just stood there. It didnt move. And I was too afraid to move myself. I managed to stand up again. I really couldnt see it very well. All I knew is that I had to get out of there.

Finally I found enough courage where I could slowly start moving away and start heading back to the road leading up the hill. After a ways, I quickened my pace and made it to the hill, steadily climbing, terrified that whatever this thing was would be following me, and any minute it would grab me from behind, and it would all be over. I prayed under my breath, "Please don't let it get me, please dont let it get me." I finally made it up the hill and to my cousin's house. I grabbed my clothes, ran inside, and locked the door behind me. I got dressed and went back to bed, where my cousin Billy was still asleep. I doubt I even slept the rest of the night. 

The next day I told Billy about what I had seen the night before. We went down the hill to the pond and retraced my steps through the pasture. There were absolutely no trees and no posts of any kind within that pasture that I could be mistaking it for. It was literally an open field, with nothing much higher than a blade of grass. So what was it that I saw that night? 

Maybe a night or two later, I was back sleeping on the back porch at my grandparents' house. I was sleeping in one bed, with windows above my head and directly to my right, and my cousin Sara slept in the other bed to my left. It was then I was awakened by something tapping or knocking on the window directly above my head. Instantly the fear returned. There were no lights in the back yard, completely pitch black, so there would be NO reason for anyone to be out there tapping on my window. I didnt see any light from a flashlight either.

If it was a person, to what end would they be tapping on my window? At that hour of the night? And even more so, how did this thing know my exact location within that house? I could have been sleeping in any number of beds in the house. But no, it was tapping on the window directly above my head.

Fear like that is uncontrollable. You cant move, you cant speak, you cant breathe. I prayed it would go away but it tapped again and the fear rose even higher. I heard it walk on two legs around the side of the house and almost pace as if wondering what to do. It came back to the same window and tapped again. My heart was about to beat out of my chest. If anyone could die of fear, I felt I was pretty close. I literally could not move to get help or scream out. I dare not look out the blinds. It would have been too dark to see anything anyway. 

What seemed like an eternity, it left. I stayed awake the entire night, too afraid to go to sleep. Only when I saw the sunlight creeping in was I able to go back to sleep. I told everyone about it the next morning. No one really gave it much thought. My cousin Billy came down, and we went into the back yard by the window it had been knocking at, judging how tall it would have been to have reached the window. I was freaked out, and no one really listened to me.

Except for my cousin Roger. Roger is probably 20 years older than me. He said that when he was a kid, Roger and another cousin of mine were sleeping on the back porch when they were awakened by something tapping on the window, which freaked them out so bad they remember it to this day. Mirroring my story. 

What is this thing, that has been around the property for at least the past fifty years??? What does it want? I didnt spend too many more nights there on the farm. My grandparents soon were moved to a nursing home and shortly died thereafter. The house was sold to another family. And under strange circumstances, the house was demolished in a fire. I tried to share my story with BFRO the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization but they didn't post my story or return my call or email. I guess they thought my story was too unbelievable. But was it really a Bigfoot? It was far too thin from any reports I've heard. And it didn't sound anything like the recordings I've heard. Maybe a Rake? Or a Wendigo perhaps. I'm starting to think this could have been what I experienced instead. All I know is that these instances happened, and it scared the crap out of me. And I dont care if anyone believes me, but I know what I experienced.

There's something in those woods. And maybe it didnt want us there. Or maybe it was just curious. But apparently it's been there a long time. And I believe somewhere deep within those woods in Southeastern Oklahoma, it's still there.
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