I am a 13 year old and those that might be thinking I'm crazy I would think the same if I didn't see what I saw. I 'm a night person myself because of that I like to walk around at night. This one particular night I was walking through a wooded park It went as usual until I started to smell something like roting flesh off a decaying corpse. It definitely caught me off guard but I continued walking suddenly I heard the most inhuman howl/growl around 5ft to my left and 10ft behind me.

I terned to see something I the bushes it looked like a stray dog but then it stood on its hind legs that when it spoke my name.i was horified but mostly pissed off.

I spoke to it and asked if how it knew my name.it said in a demonic voice "that's not all I know" .that did it I was pissed and it knew it.it charged me it was fast I jumped to the side and then I heard it say my little brothers name. I don't know how it what I did but I remember hearing a demonic growl come from......me the thing stoped and said not human to me k didnt  know what it meant by that.

But now that I think about it I know what it meant.I walked up to it and realized who it was.a long time ago around 7 years ago I gave an old friend a very special necklace and the thing I was looking at....was wearing that very necklace.I cried and cried that my friend has become this thing.what I did next I don't regret I yelled at the top of my lungs.

now I have a voice so loud I could scream and be in the middle of a stadium and everyone there would hear me.but my scream wasn't out of fear it was out of anger.now I'm around 5'9 and this thing in front of me was surprisingly shorter than me.all fear left my body at this piont.and I walked up to it and looked down at what I believe was the devils face.I grabbed it's snout and crushed it.I punched and kicked at it with the intent to kill.

this all might seem far fetched but I assure you I'm not joking.I ended up breaking some of its bones and it can off after kicking me off of it.I got my necklace back but I still feel bad I couldn't save my friend.
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