I know most of you will not believe this but I think I'm being haunted by my dead Grandma. The night she died was a sad and dreadful day for me. How was it dreadful you may ask? Well when she died , it felt as if she didn't suffer like other people do when they pass away. She was humming one of her favourite songs and then she just went away.

Later that night when I felt a little tired , I heard this humming sound coming from my closet.  The weird thing is that it was the same humming noise and song that my Grandma was doing right before she passed away. So I just brushed it off and got ready to go to bed when my dog started to whine and come back towards me . And let me tell you , my dog never normally  acted this way.

So my dog kept looking at my bathroom and then his head followed something flying in the air.  But i couldn't  see  anything at all . And since then and only on nights that it is raining , I wake up to a knock on my closet door and then I hear a  deep raspy voice say,

" Honey , let me in , please? "

That was when I had enough and went in the living room to sleep on the couch. 
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