A little about myself, I'm 52 years old now but this story took place when I was 16.
I was living in Highlands, Texas at the time with a uncle of mine when two friends and I decided to swipe some alcohol from my uncle. We lived just down the street from the river where we decided to do our drinking off a old dock that still hung out over the river but unused.
As the night progressed I was sitting on the egde of the dock when I passed out from over drinking. I went over backwards hitting a metal beam protruding from the dock in the middle of my back. I hitting the water still not knowing what was happening. I started gasping for air but my results ended with my lungs burning. The more my lungs burned the more I gasped for air.
As I kept fighting for air and endure the pain I was having deep within my chest I heard a voice speak to me. It said to me relax. I stopped struggling for just a moment to hear it again repeat in a comforting tone relax. I did as the voice instructed me to do. A most wonderful and comforting feeling swept over me. It was like a peace I never felt nor can I describe. I felt nothing no pain nor cold. Not even any exterior existence.
At this point I opened my eyes for the first time this whole experience happened to see myself sinking way below the surface of the river. All I remember thinking how wonderful I felt as I looked up. I closed my eyes and everything went black.
The next thing I remember I thrusted my arms out lifting my head out of the water laughing my head off. That's when I realized that I had just washed up to the edge of the river like a log bobbing against tide. Remembering my watch wasn't waterproof like a idiot lifting my arm out of the river falling face first back in to the water. Pulling myself up again I began to figure out what I just went through. I sat there in the water trying to believe what I just experienced.
I got back up on to the dock and back to my friends. When I questioned my friends about what happened and how long I've been gone. My friends began with saying that I had been gone for about 10 to 15 minutes they think. For the fact of me going over the edge they figured I'd be okay considering I hit the water. When I asked did they even look to see if I was okay they replied no.
I sat on the dock again trying to understand what I just went through. Did I drown? Did someone really call out to me? Did I really sink below the waves only to wash up to the shore like driftwood?
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