This all started late 2018, I would stay up late on my phone and watch videos. I then started to hear this odd sound. I am going to describe my room and my house. I live in a condo complex and we(me and my mom) are on the second floor. When you walk through the door there is a mini hallway with a closet. It then opens into the main living area. Then as you walk a little ways there is a long hallway, my room is at the end of this hallway and my mom's room is right next to mine, and my bed was a loft bed. Kind of like a bunk bed but with out the bottom. So now that is all taken care of; I noticed this tapping sound right by my head. You may think oh that is the house just settling. These tapping noises were not in any rhythm they were all over the place. They would start off loud then get really quiet. This of course made me uneasy since I just watched Dog Soldiers. Somehow I was able to sleep. The next morning I woke up early for class. I walk down the stairs, and start up my red Saturn. I then notice on the room right by side of the house footprints going down the shingles. I was in shock and I was honestly scared. The tapping noises come and go. I now have a bed on the floor, great right; no. I heard the tapping noises right by my head. This happens at like 3 am. I have sleeping problems and this makes me so uneasy. One more quick thing. This is not related to the noises this is a believed werewolf howl hearing, well my mom heard it. We just got home from my aunts and it was a full moon, my mom had to do something with our golfcart. So I went up. She then said she heard she believed to be a howl. She flipped out and went upstairs. I was already in my PJ's and she comes in my room to tell me what she had heard. I said "I told you!" and laughed. We were talking about werewolves before hand so this was kind of ironic. All I can say is be careful at night in the suburbs of Georgia. 
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