Wicked Wendigo
The great state of Oregon is home to hundreds of miles of lush wilderness. There are many fun activities that can be done in such a vast place. One of my favorites is mushroom picking. I have family who live in Northern Oregon, where mushroom picking is a very popular past time. A couple times a year I will take a trip up to my Uncle's property to hunt for edible mushrooms. We have encountered some crazy stuff as one would imagine, but this story is definitely the scariest encounter.

My Uncle's property is mostly dense forest. His house is just off a two lane road and up a small hill. The main home is just up the hill surrounding by large oak, madrone, and aspen trees. The forest goes on for miles behind his home. Just to the left of the driveway is a eleven mile walking trail that circles his portion of land. This is where we travel to go mushroom picking. We have had run ins with mountain lions, skunks, abnormally aggressive bucks, and even a black bear. Those were all terrifying, but nothing compared to what happened on a visit back in 2017.

I arrived at my Uncle's home late Friday afternoon. I had planned on staying the entire weekend. I had promised a few friends back home some delicious wild mushrooms and I didn't plan on disappointing. I walked into my Uncle's home and was instantly hit with the delicious smell of beef stroganoff. We greeted each other and I put my bag into the spare bedroom. Once dinner was done we sat at his table and discussed the areas we'd be exploring the following day. After dinner we hunkered down for the evening. I fell asleep shortly after.

I awoke some time later. I would guess early morning. I heard a car alarm blaring from the open bedroom window. The window was on the right side of the home so you couldn't see the driveway from it. Only the dense woods surrounding the home. I peaked out the window to see flashing red and yellow lights illuminating the trees. I quickly gained my composer and realized what was going on. I rushed out of the bedroom, passing my Uncle's room on the way. He was still snoring loudly, unaware of the chaos that was occurrin. I peaked out of the kitchen window that looked out over the driveway.

I instantly noticed that my Ford Fusion was the vehicle responsible for the loud alarm. All four of my doors were wide open and my headlights were flashing. I grabbed my keys off the kitchen counter and pressed the alarm button. The noise and flashing lights stopped. I started to make my way outside, when I stopped at the window just by the front door. I couldn't see anything but my own reflection due to the hallway lights being on behind me. I made my way down the hall, flipped the light switch, and tip toed back towards the window. Looking back obviously if anyone were outside they'd notice the lights turning off. So my tip toeing was futile at hiding my location. Anyway I made my way back to the window.

I sat there for a few moments, letting my eyes adjust to the darkness. My face was pressed against the cool glass with my hands cupping the sides of my face when I saw it. In the dull blue moonlight I could make out two silhouettes standing just behind my car. The man on the left stood about 6'2 and had a muscular build. He had the unmistakable outline of an axe resting on his shoulder with his left hand on end of the handle. The other man was a few inches shorter and had a husky build. He held something in his right hand down by his side, but I couldn't make out what he had. I was crippled with fear. I didn't want to move less they see me, but I felt as if they were staring at me already. I finally gathered up the courage to back away from the window.

I rushed into my Uncle's room. I shook him awake and quietly explained the situation. My Uncle grabbed his phone and dialed 9-1-1. I grabbed the baseball bat from the hallway closet and stood by the front door. My Uncle joined my soon after sporting an old hockey stick. My Uncle is a hippie so unfortunately he didn't own any firearms. He explained that since he lived so far from the nearest town that the County Sheriff's Office and the State Police were in route, but it would take around twenty to thirty minutes. I knew if these men tried to enter the house that there would be little in the way of an advantage for us. We decided to sit against the wall near the front door and await for whatever happened next. We didn't dare look outside the window. I just pictured the axe wielding man putting his blade through my head the second I put my face against that glass. So we just sat there waiting.

We heard a few loud bangs followed by crashing brush and branches. Shortly after we finally saw the flashing red and blue LED lights illuminating the driveway. It was the longest twenty something minutes of my life. We went out to greet the State Troopers and give them our story. I noticed that my break lights and rear passenger side window had been smashed. All my belongings inside my car were thrown all over my seats and outside on the ground. The trooper said the impact areas on the window were consistent with a hammer. That explained what the chubby guy was holding by his side. They took some pictures, gave us a report receipt, and told us they'd keep a deputy outside our driveway until the next morning.

I drove home the next morning, after convincing my Uncle to finally invest in a firearm. Nothing ever came of the police report and my Uncle and I have yet to see the two men again. I shiver at the thought now, but if that moon hadn't been shinning so brightly I would have walked out to my car. Completely unaware of the two men that stood just behind it, with evil intentions.
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