This happened about a year ago in December, in my rural town located in Manitoba. I was 15 at the time this occurred. I won’t say the towns name for privacy purposes, but to give you an idea it has a lot of farm land and bush around the outskirts of the town.

We live on fourth street, not to far from the center of town. We live far enough that you can see the woods from our back yard, a good 50 feet away. I’ve seen lots of animals out there like deer, coyotes, and such. We put up a fence so that our two German Shepard’s wouldn’t Run off back there and get lost.

My sister, who I’ll call Jade, was home with me and our younger brother Liam one night. We were home alone because my mom was working nights, so I was babysitting.

I had just put Liam to bed when my sister came running through the front door after taking the garbage out crying and screaming hysterically. I was trying to calm her down, mind you she was 12 so it was quite a shock to see her cry as she is not scared of the dark.

After I could somewhat understand her, I asked her what was wrong. That’s when she gave me the most worrying look I’d ever seen from her.

She described to my what she saw...
A big animal that had almost no fur with pale wrinkled skin, it stood on four long skinny legs and looked as if it were 6 feet tall. She said it had antlers like a deer, but she couldn’t make out the face because it was turned away from her looking the opposite direction.

I had a sick feeling in my gut, because what she described could have been a bull elk with chronic wasting disease. When the animal has the disease, it loses all control of its brain and becomes zombie like.

I had to make sure what she saw was true so that I could get ahold of my mom to have the game control put it out of its misery. I threw on my jacket and ran off outside to the end of our driveway.

I was met with the garbage bag she had dropped, and it smelled awful. Like rotting meat and god knows what else. I hadn’t noticed this smell before she took it outside which was weird. That’s when I looked up to my right.

Down the road approximately 60 feet away was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen. A big beast with grey skin and patches of thin fur was stumbling across the road in the snow. It had antlers and long skinny legs, just like she described. I felt bad for the poor animal and I wanted to get a closer look to make sure it was an elk so that the game wardens knew what to look for.

I got 10 steps from my driveway down the pavement when it stopped under the street light. I stopped walking. what if it charges at me?, I thought to myself.

It slowly turned its head, and what I was faced with will always be haunting my dreams. A pale face with black holes for what I assumed were it’s eyes were staring right through my soul. It had a flat nose and cuts for nostrils What was this thing?

It opened its human like mouth and revealed its sharp jagged teeth, and let out the most ear piercing scream. I was frozen with terror, and it was starting to move towards me. I turned around and booked it back to my house, I was running faster than my own feet could keep up with.

I got inside and slammed the door shut. Jade was in the living room with the dogs, cowering all together on the couch. The dogs knew that whatever that thing was, wasn’t an animal. I told Jade to lock the doors and the windows and to close the blinds.

As she did she stopped in her tracks by the window. That thing was INFRONT of our house. My heart sank. Was it going to come for us? Would it stalk me or Jade while we went for our evening walk with the dogs? Would we die tonight?

The dogs, Jade, and I ran to Liam’s room and laid with him, we laid there for what felt like hours. And eventually, we all fell asleep.

I woke up to my phone ringing. My mom was outside the house back from work. When I let her in I debated telling her about what we saw. I decided not to as she is very skeptics about things we say. She would never believe us.

And I for one, believe what I saw, was a Wendigo. I have not seen it since and I hope I will never see it again. Only my sister and I know of this story and now you do too.
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