This takes place 1 year ago. Before we go any further into this bone-chilling night I'm going to explain how my house is set up as this is important to the story. My house is an old 2 story house. It has 1 front door and that is the only way in and out of the house. The stairs that lead to my room upstairs are to the left, the living room and bathroom are straight in-front of the door as the bathroom is behind the living room.

The night started off as many others did and my friends Ian and Ethan (not real names) came over and we were playing the new call of duty game, watching anime and talking about what normal teenage boys talk about while hanging out.

Around 11:30 pm we were right in the middle of watching a new episode of Dragon-Ball Super, when I look down at my cup and realize i'm out of Pepsi so I tell Ian and Ethan i'd be right back and made my way downstairs into the kitchen, I grabbed the 2 liter out of my fridge and I caught a glimpse of a hairy hand in my kitchen window.

It was grabbing a steak that we had left out and on the counter, we had left the window open because earlier in the day we burned pizza rolls and it smelled really bad.

Anyways as I saw this hairy hand I froze in place as behind that hand was what looked like a human body but something was wrong with this, as I looked more upward I realized that it had a head of a beast it looked like a dog/wolf hybrid. I dropped the 2 liter of pop and it realized that I noticed it and pulled its hairy hand out of the window causing the window to drop to the closed position as it took of into the woods I hear a slight bark come from the front yard realizing that my dog Obi (a King German Shepherd) was still outside and I heard him as he came sprinting around the house, Obi usually never barks at anything even other animals so I knew that the thing I saw was pure evil.

I ran over to the window to see Obi vanish into the woods that sat behind the house, I ran back upstairs to get Ian and Ethan and explained that Obi had run off and they agreed to help me chase him.

I left out the part about me seeing the creature. I couldn't let my loyal dog Obi die on my watch. I would be terrified if anything happened to him, I wouldn't be able to live with myself. Anyways we grabbed our flashlights and ran into the woods after Obi now in the woods we continued to search when I heard a familiar scream it was Ian we ran over to see him standing right in front of the beast I saw earlier.

I also forgot to mention before I ran outside I grabbed my Springfield AR-15 as we were all over 18 and loved target shooting, I pull the rifle up to my shoulder and also I made sure my friend wasn't anywhere in the line of site and fired the bullet hit center mass as the creature let off a terrible screech as it ran off we 3 regrouped shocked at what they just saw they headed back toward the house, I looked under where the creature was standing and my heart broke as I saw a limp Obi laying on the ground.

I ran over and picked him up as tears flowed down my face. I ran to my car and took him to the nearest vet which was luckily still open. They said he had 2 broken legs and his recovery would take a couple months but he would be 100% in no time.

So i'm glad to say he’s running and being a dog just fine nowadays we still never saw that beast since that day. Sorry for the bad details, this is the first time I've really shared this story with anyone. 
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