Through my whole life I have experienced many Scary things, but this one just stuck with me throughout my lifetime. I guess to start this I’ll give you some back story I was eight- or nine-years old at the time this story happened to me, and I lived in Arizona, and I had three friends at the time, I will not share their names so I will just call them Jack, Austin, and Cal. And all throughout my childhood I loved to play with them on trails near my house, even if it was 100 degrees outside my friends and I would still spend hours and these little trails playing solider with toy guns and just having a great time. But on this one trail there was a small metal hatch that most likely lead to nothing, my friends always said eh its nothing, but I always got a weird feeling around it.  And as we got a little older, we started to go out later and later in the night. But every time we would go out during the night and pass the metal hatch, we would hear strange noises, like something breathing heavily, or low growling but the growling sounded very hollow and not natural, we always thought it was someone messing with us and shook it off.
Every night the noises got more noticeable and louder, but nothing would be there.

Then a couple weeks went by with no noises, and we sort of forgot the noises ever happened, but one Saturday night we were heading home from a long hike talking about how we would plan our sleepover, then a new noise that we never heard, it sounded very far out but I could make out something, it almost sounded like words, but just like gibberish not real words. But as the sound grew closer, we all started to come very close to each other, then we heard a scream that sounded like every single animal screaming or howling at once, then we booked it. And as we were running, I looked behind us and I saw a shadow, it almost looked like a hunched over human but just a little off. Then we all busted threw my door to my house and we all yelled for my mom. She ran down to us, and said we were silly and needed some sleep, and to reassure us my mom sent out my older brother and my dad to “Search” the trail to see if there are any monsters. My dad and brother love the super natural so I knew they would look around. So that was my chance to get a look at this thing that has been lurking behind us for so long.  And then as my dad and brother left, I followed close behind, but I made sure they didn’t see me, so I would hide behind bushes and big rock on the way to the trail. As we made it up to the metal hatch, I saw it was open.... When I saw this, I screamed and my dad and brother looked at me with a frustrated and concerned. “I thought mom told you to stay home!” My dad yelled at me with anger, but as soon as he yelled out at me the thing it was here, right in front of my dad. It was maybe 4-5 ft tall with long sharp fingers, and greyish skin with bits of skin missing and blood all over its horrific face. Its face still gives me the creeps, it had two yellowish eyes and long sharp teeth with blood on the tips of the teeth. Then it smiled at us then we were gone, we all sprinted back home as fast as we could. Then after that it was a blur, I remember my dad asking me if I was okay, but not much after that. Too this day I still don’t know what that thing was, I couldn’t find anything that looked like that on the internet, so I felt like submitting it here we would be the best. And sorry for my bad writing, I tried to get all the details for the story, but none of my friends or my dad want to talk about this happening.  

Sorry it wasn't as long as i thought it was going to be, but I couldn't find much info from my friends or dad on this experience.
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